More than three million students start the school year 2015-2016: President Iohannis to attend school year opening ceremony in Targoviste

More the three million students and preschoolers start the school year 2015-2016 today.
President Klaus Iohannis has wished a good year to thrilled students and teachers on the first day of the 2015-2016 school year that brings them closer to their professional and intellectual dreams.
“To me, each beginning of the school year is a reason for joy and hope for a new beginning. Let me wish to all thrilled students and teachers a good year that will bring them closer to their professional and intellectual dreams. I am with the teachers and the parents in their efforts to secure education for those who are the future of a strong Romania,” Iohannis, a former physics high school teacher, said on Monday morning in a Facebook post.
Iohannis is scheduled to attend a school year opening ceremony at the Ion Ghica Economic College of Targoviste, along with Education Minister Sorin Cimpeanu.

PM Ponta wishes good luck to pupils on first day of school

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has also wished good luck to the pupils who are starting a new school year today.
“Study carefully, pass the tests with flying colours and listen to the advice of parents and teachers alike because they want what’s best for you! And to those whose minds are still on holidays, remember that the first school break will be on October 31 (for primary schools). A good wish to all teachers for their organisational efforts so that everything may run smoothly, and for their dedication to the younger generation! I wish all of you a successful school year with many achievements and understanding!” Ponta wrote on Monday in a Facebook post.

School year starts with scandal: Minister Cimpeanu on changing school year’s structure

The school year is starting with new scandals. After the structure of the school year was changed overnight, over 10,000 Romanians are at risk of losing their down payments for vacations abroad, tourism agencies complain. Moreover, thousands of pupils are starting the school year with old textbooks. Education Minister Sorin Cimpeanu gave assurances on Sunday on Romania TV that all decisions were taken following consultations with pupils, teachers and trade unions.
Asked by journalists why he decided so late to change the structure of the new school year, Education Minister Sorin Cimpeanu pointed out that “it’s not late” considering that the decision was taken “before the start of the school year.”
“First of all, it’s not late, it’s before the start of the school year. Secondly, one cannot consult the whole society and respond very fast too. We initiated an opinion poll which showed that 61 per cent of the parents don’t want the school year to start sooner. Once we established this, we weighed several elements, the point of view of the teachers and of the pupils, because they are the main beneficiaries of education. If we set the start of the next school year on September 15, the necessary room for solving another imperative demand coming from pupils and teachers, namely that of not setting the end of the winter holiday on January 3, was created. We established that the holiday will end on January 10. We cannot start school later and finish it earlier. This would mean lowering the number of courses. Throughout Europe, with two exceptions, the number of school days ranges from 190 to 200. We cannot expect to have efficient, quality education by lowering the number of courses. Any decision is taken following consultations. Consultations last,” Minister Sorin Cimpeanu stated.

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