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April 12, 2021

PSD Congress might take place in October, final decision to be taken by the National Permanent Bureau

Interim President of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea declared on Saturday in Timisoara that, from his point of view, in order to organize Party Congress, two times are needed: October 15 – December 1 and end of January – beginning of March, yet, the final decision would be reached in the Permanent National Bureau (BPN) held this Tuesday.
Liviu Dragnea declared in a press conference held in Timisoara after the meeting of the PSD Timis County Council, that he was interested, first of all, that the future Congress of the PSD Timis County Council would be organized “one day that would suit the party very well” and, in order to achieve this, he suggested two likely periods.
“As far as the date of Congress is concerned, I need time until Tuesday, I would have the opportunity to talk to other colleagues until that day comes, so that I could have my own opinion regarding the day of the Congress. I am interested, first of all, that it (the Congress, editor’s note) could be organized in a day that could suit the party very well, from two or three points of view. Indeed, at least a month and a half are needed in order to establish candidacies. Here, two versions are possible, as far as periods are concerned: the period of October 15 – December 1, and the end of January – beginning of March. Because from December, until Saint John’s holiday and until January 15, nothing happens. This can be an argument in this direction”, Liviu Dragnea declared, according to Mediafax.

In his opinion, the second argument for the best date to organize the PSD Congress would be “creating a fair negotiation with UNPR”.
“The second argument could be creating a fair, reasonable negotiation with UNPR, under the circumstances that we will get to that conclusion, in order to establish electoral protocol for local and Parliament lists, that not only require the negotiation of a protocol in itself, but also discussions for every candidacy on its own, which requires time. It may be risky to conduct such discussion in February or March, it is so close to the elections. The third argument might be the best moment to launch the new political project by PSD, that would march the end of a political cycle and the beginning of another political cycle, with a new vision for the next period of four or five years, in the history of this party”, Dragnea further declared.
While attending the press conference, PSD Timis President Sorin Grindeanu declared that he supported organizing the Congress of the party around the date of October 15.”
“I support organizing the Congress of the Party around the date of October 15. A month and a half are earned from October 15 to December 1, and PSD has exited each Congress experiencing more empowerment. The team that is due to win this time, too, will be fueled from behind by a ballot in the Congress. I think it is important to clear up the alliance policy of PSD, as well, and the force given by a Congress to the leadership of the party and the mandate it provides offer the needed force to negotiate very well all aspects concerning alliance policies”, Grindeanu declared.

In response, Liviu Dragnea stated that the would support the proposal made by PSD Timiş if the same conclusion is reached on Tuesday, during the meeting of the National Permanent Bureau.
“If we reach the conclusion on our Tuesday meeting that the best date for the party is in the middle of October, then I will support this thing as well”, Dragnea declared.
He also referred to the possibility of a few candidacies on shared lists during the local and Parliament elections.
“So far, we did not have a quite firm discussion about the possibility of establishing candidacies on shared lists. I think that it might be a serious option for the Romanian left wing”, the PSD leader declared.
The PSD Timis County Council was organized on Saturday and was attended by over 150 members, including the 59 Social-Democrat Mayors in the county.

Victor Ponta: I’m not running at PSD Congress

Premier Victor Ponta stated that he will not be running for any party position until he clears his legal problems. The Prime Minister made the announcement on Saturday evening on television. The Head of Government said he is first waiting for the criminal case against him to be solved as fast as possible. He also said that a recent European Court of Justice ruling is allegedly in his favor.
“Let one thing be very clear, at the Congress I will not be running for any position within the party and I will not be running for any position in the future either until I clear my extremely serious legal problem; in fact, 8 years ago I paid the RON 51,000 that Sova did not pay. Ok, I will go and explain this,” Victor Ponta said on Saturday evening during a TV show at Antena 3.
“I am fully interested in appearing before the judges as soon as possible. I am giving you a single argument: for instance, on September 3 the European Court of Justice ruled in a case identical to mine: legal consultancy services are paid like this, namely exactly in the manner the prosecutors have accused me of. So I want to go to court, to file the European Court of Justice ruling,” the Premier added.

G. Firea: PSD Congress this autumn, first step in view of local and general elections

PSD Ilfov President Gabriela Firea considers that a party congress this autumn means “the foundation stone” in building a PSD that is solid and ready for the 2016 elections.
“Organizing the PSD Congress this autumn is the first step that the party has to take in view of the local and general elections of 2016,” the PSD’s Ilfov County branch considers.
“PSD members need to know they are part of a united team that thinks and acts while having the same goals in mind: maintaining the citizens’ confidence in the largest party in Romania, efficient governance focused on people’s wellbeing, and establishing the guiding lines for the 2016 elections,” Gabriela Firea points out in a press release quoted by Agerpres.
Firea is calling for unity and stability within the party, pointing out that only a leadership team that would offer these things can continue “the successful destiny of the largest party in Romania.”

Liviu Dragnea: The centre – left alliance between PSD and UNPR should be revitalized. Oprea is a man who keeps his promise

Liviu Dragnea declared that the centre – left alliance between PSD and UNPR should be “revitalized”, considering that UNPR is a “trustworthy partner” and Gabriel Oprea is “a man who keeps his promise”.
The interim President of PSD has declared on Saturday, in Timisoara, that “a serious, powerful, left wing is needed in Romania”.
“We have discussed about alliances as well and I want to confess that here in Timisoara, in my opinion, the centre – left alliance between PSD and UNPR should be revitalized, it should be seriously taken into account. It is a message for the entire country. UNPR is a trustworthy partner, and Gabriel Oprea, the President of this party, is a man who keeps his promise. We wish we had and I think we need a serious, powerful left-wing in Romania, and PSD, by allying with UNPR, can receive a very well contoured component of the national interest, in the most thorough meaning of this notion, and I think that it can be done in the near future, not very early, and not very late, and this is why I think that it might be possible that people who demand a congress earlier could be right and we should start serious discussions related to a protocol that would clearly establish the principles these lists would be based on”, Liviu Dragnea pointed out.

Dragnea, asked about a PNL minority Government: “It is nonsense”.

Liviu Dragnea also declared this Saturday in Timisoara, while answering a question about a PNL minority, that this version is “nonsense” and that the respective Government would be an “unstable one”.
Asked on Saturday, in Timisoara, during a press conference, whether he counted on a PNL minority Government, Liviu Dragnea replied that such version would be “nonsense.”
“It is nonsense. This would be the thing we needed the least: an unstable minority Government”, Liviu Dragnea declared.
On August 31, PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga had declared that Liberals would submit a motion of censure at the “appropriate time”, adding that, personally, he would like a minority Government, but, nonetheless, he di not rule out collaborating with UNPR, as he had the experience of “collaborating” with Gabriel Oprea.
“At the appropriate time, we will submit a motion of censure. In October, we will come forward with our teams for the Ministries and until the season ends, we will submit a motion of no confidence”, Vasile Blaga has declared for TVR.
Alina Gorghiu, the other Co-President of PNL, had also declared on August 24 that, as far as she was concerned, anticipated elections would be the most beneficial solution for Romania, but they are hard to achieve. She added that she had wished a minority Government including PNL members, but that the probability of it happening is scarce.
“I would love a PNL Government, why not? In this formula… I would prefer a minority Government until the elections, obviously. The probability of it happening is scarce, because votes and Parliament support are needed. (…) From wanting a certain thing to achieving it, it is a long way”, Gorghiu had declared.

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