Sorin Oprescu, message from detention: I am not a hoodlum

Sorin Oprescu has sent a message from police detention, with the help of his lawyer Viorel Mocanu. According to the latter, the Bucharest Mayor wants people to know he is not a hoodlum. Sorin Oprescu could walk free on Monday. One of the judges analyzing his request is none other than Camelia Bogdan, the magistrate that sent Dan Voiculescu behind bars too.
Arrested for passive bribery, Sorin Oprescu has stated in his message that he was unable to avoid what he feared and that he is not a hoodlum. The message was publicly relayed by his lawyer Viorel Mocanu. “He has taken a position, he has understood what has happened and I am now quoting him: “he feared a provocation and was unable to avoid it.” Likewise, he mentions that, and I quote him again, “he is not a hoodlum,”” lawyer Viorel Mocanu stated.
The Bucharest Mayor is in a state of shock. He was put behind bars approximately one week ago. Anticorruption prosecutors found EUR 5,000 in his pockets, in marked banknotes. Prosecutors claim the money came from a EUR 25,000 bribe.
The Mayor has the chance to walk free on Monday. He has filed an appeal against his arrest because he considers himself innocent. One of the judges analyzing his appeal is none other than Camelia Bogdan, the magistrate that also sent Dan Voiculescu behind bars. Nevertheless, the other judge that issued the 30-day preventive arrest warrant on Oprescu’s name claims that instead of turning in the City Hall’s corrupt civil servants and the businessmen bribing them the Mayor preferred to illegally take a cut of the money too.

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