Dorin Cocos describes in court how he would bribe ANRP Commission

On Tuesday, in the High Court, the businessman Dorin Cocos admitted to the commission of the offences he had been charged with in the ‘Bica 1’ case and described how he would pay the former members of the ANRP Commission millions of euro in order for them to help businessman Gheorghe Stelian with his claims for damages.
Dorin Cocos was heard by the High Court of Justice and Cassation on Tuesday in the case where he is on trial next to his son, Alin Cocos, ex-DIICOT Chief-Prosecutor Alina Bica and various former members of the Central Commission for Establishing Damages within the National Authority for the Restitution of Properties (ANRP), for corruption offences in connection with the processing of claims for damages made by the businessman Gheorghe Stelian.
Dorin Cocos told the judges that he wanted his case to be heard in summary proceedings, that he admitted to the commission of all offences and that he wanted the Court to take into consideration that he had cooperated with the investigators.
‘Regarding Gheorghe Stelian’s second claim, I knew he wanted o obtain over 300,000 euro. Diacomatu already had political support, I also gave him five million euro. I have one million euro to Crinuta Dumitrean and 800,000 euro to Dragos Bogdan. Please note that all this money I would pay in unsettlements, to make sure that the claim is processed. I just told them they should deal with the file and approve the damages’, Cocos said, according to Mediafax.
Asked why he ended up doing all those things, Cocos said he had received eight million euro for a positive decision on Gheorghe Stelian’s second claim.
‘For the second claim, I received eight million euro to deal with the matter, but I was left with just 1.2 M euro. In 2013, I met Alina Bica. I have never talked to her about money or properties’, Cocos said.
The Court asked Dorin Cocos to also explain the context in which Alina Bica had received a plot of land. Cocos said the land belonged to his former wife, Olguta Chiriac.
My ex-wife, Olguta Chiriac, owned a plot in Snagov. My son needed money. My ex-wife and my son sold the land to Mihailescu. It is true that I knew from Mihailescu that the land would be shared with Alina Bica. I knew she was the chief of DICOT and that she used to be a member of ANRP. I told Alin to sell the land cheap, in instalments, without down payment, actually in any way Alina Bica wanted, because one never knows… She was the head of DIICOT and she used to be on the ANRP commission’, Cocos explained.
‘I was not nervous about a positive vote. All ANRP posts were given on political criteria, but I personally did not help Diacomatu politically. I only told him I would help him politically to reassure him’, Cocos said in the end of his statement.
He pointed out that ‘it was notorious that, at ANRP, all members would agree before the meeting’.
Eight former members of the Central Commission for the Calculation of Damages are on trial for abuse of power in the ‘Bica 1’ case – the former head of DIICOT, Alina Bica, as a former representative of the Ministry of Justice on the ANRP Commission, Crinuţa Dumitrean, Sergiu Ionuţ Diacomatu, Cătălin Florin Teodorescu, Remus Virgil Baciu, Lăcrămioara Alexandru, Oana Vasilescu and Dragoş George Bogdan. The valuator Emil Nitu and the businessman Gheorghe Stelian were charged with complicity in abuse of power with exceptionally grievous consequences.
Alina Bica was also charged, in the case case, with bribe-taking and abuse of power, offences she had been initially accused of in the ‘Bica 2’ case.
The businessman Dorin Cocos is on trial on two counts of trafficking in influence and paying bribe and his son, Alin Cocos, for complicity in trafficking in influence and complicity in paying bribe.

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