Premonition: Corneliu Vadim Tudor published a poem on death on Facebook a week ago

Just a week before his death, Corneliu Vadim Tudor has published a poem on death on Facebook, entitled “The Last Coffee”, that seems to work as a premonition for his untimely passing away.

Last coffee

“Come, Death, let’s have some coffee,
I’ll make it flavoured and strong
Just drop your heavy scythe, I beg thee
And thy cloak so strange and long.

Please, do sit down on this armchair
I don’t mind if you smoke,
Whom are you mourning, dear,
Why do you cry and choke?

The coffee is so hot, oh my,
Don’t hurry, it might burn.
Let my star twinkle in the sky,
If I die, what do you earn?

You came to grab me face to face.
Too great a honour, you see,
Of the entire human race
Why do you want just me?

Let me read your coffee grounds
To have your fate foreseen.
There is some hardship that abounds
But you are smart, you’ll win.

You’re out of money again and again.
In this, you are like me,
Why would you be my enemy then?
I understand you thoroughly.

People applaud you from far away
They struggle, yell and race.
Turn around, Death, please, if I may,
What is there in your trace?

Now you’re my prisoner, my dear,
I wanted you to know.
That of you I have no fear,
I’ve poisoned your joe.

Corneliu Vadim Tudor to be buried with military honors at Ghencea Civil Cemetery on Thursday

Politician, writer and journalist Corneliu Vadim Tudor died on Monday at the age of 65, after a brief admission at the Army’s Emergency Clinic for Cardiovascular Disease where he was carried immediately after he felt sick. Corneliu Vadim Tudor’s condition aggravated after he was hospitalized on Monday morning at the Army Emergency Clinical Centre of Cardiovascular Diseases, where he had in infarct and underwent an intervention. Doctors attempted to resuscitate and stabilize Corneliu Vadim Tudor, to no avail, and the decease was registered at 6:30 pm, according to medical sources.
Although the family had wanted the coffin with his body be laid down on the hall of the Senate, former colleagues of Vadim refused the request .
Presidential Administration sent on Tuesday a wreath at “Sfantu Gheorghe Nou” Church where the coffin with the body of Corneliu Vadim Tudor has been laid down.
Corneliu Vadim Tudor will be buried with military honors at Ghencea Civil Cemetery on Thursday .

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