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May 26, 2020

Prince Paul, reaction after foreclosure

Prince Paul opens up in premiere about his desperate situation after being visited last week by gendarmes accompanied by an officer of the Court. Actually, his goods might be sold at any moment, for the payment of a debt of GBP 4.7 million to a British journalist. Prince Paul is trying to gain a reschedule of the payments for twelve months.
Prince Paul declared that after the Court had forced him to pay the debt, he had sought to reach an agreement with the British journalist. Instead, he found the officer of the court at his door.
“The house attendant called us and told us that gendarmes and an officer of the Court have come to us. I was shocked”, Prince Paul declared for Pro TV.
The official report by the officer of the court includes 370 pieces of furniture, paintings and statuettes. According to procedures, if are goods are not found to amount to a total value of GBP 4.7 million after evaluation, officers of the Court would seize other possessions a well. The family lawyer declared that they want to gain in court objects the Prince will rightfully inherit and they might sell these goods to cover the debt.
“We will sell some of the goods we have demanded in this purpose, although we had no initial intention to do so, and by selling them we will cover out debt”, lawyer Mircea Andrei mentioned.
Prince Paul demanded the British publication to reschedule the payment in twelve installments.
“It should have been a civilized negotiation inside of our family, carefully avoiding public eyes”, Prince Paul mentioned.
So far, the representatives of the newspaper have sent no answer regarding the payment of the debt by installments.

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