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September 30, 2022

Basescu after made honorary mediator: I will use a mediator in my conflict with Firea

Former President Traian Basescu on Wednesday received the title of honorary mediator, after which he said that in his court conflict with Senator Gabriela Firea of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) he will use a mediator.
“I promise you that tomorrow I will send my lawyer no to the prosecutor but to the chairman [of the Mediation Council] to select a mediator that will propose Mrs Firea that we should mediate our conflict with the use of a mediator,” said Basescu.
The Mediation Council on Wednesday made honorary mediators former Presidents of Romania Traian Basescu, Emil Constantinescu and Ion Iliescu as well as academician Victor Voicu.

Gabriela Firea does not rule out reconciliation with Basescu. On one condition

Senator Gabriela Firea does not rule out the possibility of reconciliation with the former President, nonetheless, she pointed out, she expected for starters that Basescu would acknowledge hisgabriela-firea1 mistake.”
“If the ex-President really means what he says, I will not answer him by impulse, but I will seek advice of my lawyer and family, yet, I still have not heard from his behalf any public regrets on what he had said. I never wanted to file a complaint against anyone, especially against the President of the state, but those words affected me, both personally and as a member of the Parliament, especially that they came from a man who has two daughters and who has promoted many women in politics”, Gabriela Firea declared for stiripesurse.ro.

PSD Senator Gabriela Firea submitted a criminal complaint on April 16, 2014, accusing the Head of the State at that time Traian Basescu of threat and blackmail based on statements he had made at a TV show.
In her denounce of Traian Basescu, submitted to the General Prosecutors’ Office, it is pointed out: “In an interview for TV station Realitatea TV, broadcast on the evening of April 13, 2014 during the show “Power Games”, referring to Ms. Senator Firea Gabriela’s activity in the Parliament as a member of the Parliament Committee of investigation, aimed to check the legality of the lots purchased in Nana Commune, Calarasi County, Basescu has stated: ‘She should better mind her own business and be concerned by the things that go on on her husband’s domain, where he is a Mayor for she might discover one day that he does not come home, if she fails to pay enough attention. Plenty of bad things are happening in his parish, so I have heard’.”

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