Boat Fishing Challenge: Algae makes fishing almost impossible on the Danube

The third edition of the Boat Fishing Challenge, an extreme fishing competition organized on the Danube River by, took place on Saturday, September 12, around the Mocanu Island close to Giurgiu.
Bad weather prompted 4 crews to abandon the competition right from the start, while those that did venture on the river had to face an uncontrollable enemy of river fishing. Low river levels and the hot weather registered lately have led to the appearance of a very rare phenomenon on the Danube. Large quantities of algae carried away by the currents got constantly tangled in the fishermen’s lines.
Although it was almost impossible to fish in these conditions, the fishermen adapted their strategies and focused on feeder techniques, throwing their lines close to shore where currents are usually weaker. The rankings were established on the basis of small but numerous catches. The award for the biggest quantity of fish was won by the Giurgiu-based team made up of George Ciobanu and Emanuel Manda (common rudd, 200 grams).
The competitors’ anger was soothed at the award ceremony, since the awards offered by the organizers were generous: Danube Delta trips, electronic products for fishing, vouchers for fishing services, books, fishing bait and many other surprises.
Boat Fishing Challenge is an extreme fishing competition on the Danube, organized for the third consecutive time by, the Google Map of Romanian fishermen. Teams of two fishermen each can take part in the competition, using fishing techniques of their choice. The challenge is to catch the biggest quantity of fish and the biggest fish in a period of 8-9 hours in wild locations randomly allocated to the teams.

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