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January 23, 2022

Last journey for Corneliu Vadim Tudor: Buried with military honours, funeral service officiated by 16 priests

A big loss to anyone who knew him, the poet and politician Corneliu Vadim Tudor was buried with military honours at the Ghencea Civilian Cemetery, where his parents also rest, on Thursday. The funeral service was officiated by 16 priests, including his wedding god father. It was a special ceremony with poems and speeches.
Traffic was very difficult along the route from the Sf. Gheorghe cel Nou Church to the cemetery, as the cortege was made up of hundreds of people of all ages, from all parts of the country.
On the other hand, very few politicians were present.
Ex-PRM Senator Marius Marinescu, Ioan Oltean (PNL) and Senator Dumitru Pelican lit up a candle and Gabriel Oprea, Klaus Iohannis and Nicolae Vacaroiu sent wreaths of flowers.
Moreover, the Romanian Patriarchy sent a letter of condolences to Corneliu Vadim Tudor’s family. The politician had passed away on Monday, at the age of 65.
Devastated by grief, the wife and daughters of the deceased could hardly speak about the drama they were living in the last few days. Friends also came to say good-bye and light candles.

Hundreds of people at Corneliu Vadim Tudor’s catafalque

The coffin with the body of the Greater Romania Party (PRM) founder, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, was deposited at the Sfantul Gheorghe Nou Church in Bucharest, in the presence of his family and friends, on Tuesday.
Hundreds of people of all ages, coming from all regions of the country queued on Wednesday and Thursday to be able to light up a candle for him and say good-bye to former senator Corneliu Vadim Tudor. The line of those who wanted to visit the catafalque that hosted the coffin with Corneliu Vadim Tudor’s lifeless body lasted from the entrance to the church to the lateral streets.
“So big a crowd had never gathered to St. George Church since the reconsecration of the building and the Grand Celebration of the titular saint, St. Nicholas”, priest Emil Caramizaru declared on Wednesday.

“Hundreds of people from Bucharest, as well as from Cluj, Baia Mare, Iasi, Constanta and Craiova came, starting on Tuesday, to pay homage to Corneliu Vadim Tudor; we had been not visit by such a big crowd since the reconsecration of church, 300 years after construction, and the Grand Celebration of our titular saint Nicholas. Corneliu Vadim Tudor had attended the reconsecration service and was seated near the members of the Holy Synod, His Excellence Daniel and the representatives of the five patriarchies that attended the reconsecration”, the parish priest of the Bucharest-based church, father Emil Caramizaru declared.
According to the priest, people have brought along flowers and candles. They are silently waiting in a row, as it were a great religious holiday.
“The behaviour of these people is unbelievable, they are waiting so silently, in such a dignified manner, even children, elderly persons and disabled people with crutches, as if it were a great religious celebration. It is touching to see them waiting to pray and to pay the final homage to Vadim Tudor”, priest Emil Caramizaru also added.
The parish priest also mentioned that Vadim Tudor used to come frequently to this church, especially in the evening, after 8 o’clock, and during these visits, he used to ask the priest to open the shrine with St. Nicholas’ relics and spent several minutes praying.
“He used to come here very often, especially in the evening, after 8 pm, and asked me to open the shrine with St. Nicholas’ relics, and prayed. He used to say that this church built by Brancoveanu is a great blessing. He used to tell me: ‘Hey, brother Emil, just think that this place has been visited by Brancoveanu, Eminescu, and Michael The Brave who has brought St. Nicholas’ hand. Do you realize what blessing this church is for this country?’ Vadim always told me”, the parish priest remembered.
He also said that Corneliu Vadim Tudor had expressed the wish to be brought to this church after his death, and the service would be held based on Orthodox traditions. „He had told me many times, not once that I must bring him to this church after he passed away, and the ceremony would follow our Orthodox tradition, the tradition of the nation he loved so dearly”, priest Caramizaru declared.
The parish priest mentioned that Vadim Tudor wanted to be placed in this church, built by the great martyr and saint Constantin Brancoveanu as the same church had hosted the burial service of Romania’s national poet Mihai Eminescu, on June 17, 1889.

Worn by financial difficulties

On Wednesday, Corneliu Vadim Tudor’s wife, Doina Tudor, made a desperate cal: ‘Vadim died poor, we need help’.
The widow confessed that the politician had been undergoing medical treatment for the last 17 years. ‘He was having 4 shots a day, Becali said he was taking Chinese drugs, he was taking those in association with the insulin, I was giving him the insulin shots, I am a nurse, but I stopped going to work to be able to help him’, Doina Tudor also said.
Corneliu Vadim Tudor had been worn by financial concerns before his death. Sunk in debt, the poet was desperate to get money. He sold his car, was looking for a buyer for his ‘Romania Mare’ magazine and was willing to part with his only assets: items and books of inappreciable value. Now, after his death, the widow is making a desperate call.
‘We have no other source of income, he dies poor, he had nothing, he had not saved anything, everything he had he gave to the poor and for dogs. He preferred to be on the breadline just to be able to help other and to keep publishing the magazine. I don’t know how we will manage, we have a lot to deal with, we have a dog shelter, he was paying for them himself, no one was helping him, I have 30 dogs at home, we have a lot of expenses, our two daughters go to university, I have not talked to Mr. Gigi Becali. My request to him is to hire my two daughters. Lidia has completed her master’s degree in journalism, the younger one is in the 3rd year also studying journalism and has completed a make-up training programme. I just want someone to hire them somewhere’, said Doina Vadim Tudor.
According to his last financial disclosure form dated 21 September 2014, Corneliu Vadim Tudor had no money in bank accounts., any houses, land, just a 2007 make Dacia Logan. Vadim however mentioned his true treasure – his collection of famous autographs and items belonging to historic personalities. He thought those items were priceless.
Tormented by the lack of money, Corneliu Vadim Tudor was willing to part with some important pieces of his collection. To make some money, he sold a limousine and was also ready to sell his magazine, ‘Romania Mare’, for EUR 700,000.
Vadim Tudor was estimating that his private collection was worth a staggering EUR 20 M.

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