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October 21, 2021

Two refugees illegally cross border into Romania

On Tuesday night, 15 September, after the Hungarian authorities had announced the closing of borders to refugees, the Romanian border policemen operating in the Beba Veche area, the place where three borders – Romanian, Serbian and Hungarian – meet, found two Afghan refugees who had illegally crossed the border into Romania.
The Timis border police officers who apprehended them a few metres from the border with Serbia were in for a surprise when they started questioning the refugees. When the Afghans realised they were actually in Romania, they burst into tears, opiniatimisoarei.ro informs.
The two men were taken by the Timis border police officers and escorted to interviews.
‘On 15 September, at 16:45, the border police officers from the Sannicolau Mare Border Sector observed two persons who were illegally entering the country. They took them into custody and determined they were Afghan nationals. During the first statements they made, the two refugees said they had lost their way while still in Serbia and that they never intended to come to Romania. At this point, they undergo readmission procedure’, Timis Border Police spokeswoman Mihaela Leu told opiniatimisoarei.ro.
The two refugees were surrendered to the Serbian authorities.

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