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October 23, 2021

Village moves to the city during RuralFest

Bucharesters will be granted the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the village at the celebration of RuralFest, on Sunday, September 20, during 9 am – 8 pm, right in the centre of the city, on Kiseleff Highway, where road traffic will be stopped on the route between Victory Square and Architect Ion Mincu Street, to provide the required space to the village located mid-capital.
RuralFest intends to rebuild the connection between inhabitants of the city and those of the countryside, along with food sources, and encourages healthy food choices, protecting the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources.
Not to mention that the invitation to the event sounds great. “How do you feel about sitting in a relaxed position on a stack of hay, midtown, while your child is turning somersaults in the freshly mown grass or learning to make himself toys using ancient crafts?
Or to taste the meat of a piglet grilled on a stick right in front of you? Or to witness live how sausages are smoked using beechwood or cherry tree branches? We invite you to spend an entire day open-air, tasting or shopping savoury food such as honey combs, natural jams or syrups, bio vegetables and fruit, freshly baked pies, ginger bread or homemade beer.”

This is, therefore, the offer of the second edition of RuralFest Bucharest, an event organized by the Representation of the European Commission in Romania, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Mayoralty of the Municipality of Bucharest, which seems to be just as beautiful as last year’s edition.
The event will also be attended by two European Commissioners – Corina Crețu, responsible for regional policies and Phil Hogan, responsible for agriculture and rural development, both of them eager to be there at the event.
For ten hours, fans of nature and tradition due to be there at RuralFest will be tempted by approximately 200 exhibitors, and visit a fair of small companies all over the country; exhibitions and sales of traditional food products, natural or ecological ones, from vegetable and fruit to pastry delices, sausages, polenta rolls with cheese, cabbage rolls, cold-pressed oils or cosmetic products based on honey and lavender; craftsmen’s exhibition and workshops, offers by traditional cuisine-based restaurants from various regions of the country, stands organized by Embassies in Romania of EU member countries, providing products that are specific to the cuisine of their respective countries; presentations and workshops by NGOs interested in the preservation of Romanian values and healthy living; a specially arranged location by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (a 200 square metre tent, located in the central area), due to host presentations, discussions and tastings of Romanian products destined for European acknowledgment (quality systems PGI – protected geographical indication and PDO – protected designation of origin), from regions of high natural value, a small animal farm, games and workshops for children; an artistic program on the stage of the central area, performed by music bands and traditional dance ensembles.
And because every village party deserves appropriate music, RuralFest will end with a concert by Taraf de Haidouks.

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