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May 17, 2022

Hungarian-Romanian diplomatic dispute over the barbed wire fence goes on

The Romanian – Hungarian diplomatic dispute based on the topic of the barbed wire fence the neighbour country intends to build at the border with Romania has continued during the weekend as well.

Hungary summons Romanian Ambassador: We want modesty from a Minister whose Prime Minister is legally charged

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Romanian Ambassador to Budapest on Monday for discussions after the statements made on Saturday by Bogdan Aurescu, and Peter Szijjarto declared that he would have expected more “modesty from a Foreign Affair Minister whose Prime Minister is facing a trial”.
After having criticised Croatian officials, the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjarto is involved in an exchange of replies with his Romanian counterpart on the topic of the barbed wire fence Hungary is about to build on the border of the two countries to prevent the wave of immigrants, the web page of Associated Press reports.
Romania’s Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu had declared on Saturday that building fences was a “gesture that resembled autism and was unacceptable” as it violated the spirit of the European Union.
“We would have expected more modesty from behalf of a Foreign Affairs Minister whose Prime Minister is facing a trial”, Szijjarto replied on Sunday, hinting to the fact that Prime Minister Victor Ponta was charged with 17 accounts of forgery of privately signed documents, complicity to tax evasion and money laundering.
“We are a state with a history of over 1,000 years that, throughout history, had to defend not only itself but Europe as well, many times. It will happen once again, whether the Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister likes it or not”, Szijjarto added.
Hungary’s decision to build fences at the borders with neighbouring countries had strained relations with these states, that feel that the immigrant issue is incorrectly pushed towards them.

MAE: Hungary’s Foreign Minister continues string of unacceptable attacks on Romanian officials

The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) said on Sunday it does not wish to comment the new “provocative” statements made by the Hungarian foreign minister, who continues “a string of unacceptable attacks on the Romanian officials”.

“The positions of the Foreign Affairs Ministry on this matter are clear and known and they converge with other positions voiced at an European and international level. They will be reiterated once more to the Hungarian officials by the Romanian ambassador in Budapest, who has been invited at the Hungarian Foreign Ministry”, the Romanian institution said in a release to Agerpres.

Aurescu: Building fences to separate Europe, an autistic and unacceptable gesture

The Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu had declared after discussions with his Dutch counterpart Bert Koenders that, as far as migration is concerned, long-term solutions must be found for dealing with the issue “at source”, and pointed out that building fences is an “autistic and unacceptable gesture”.
“As far as migration is concerned, we have reiterated the necessity of strategic vision at the level of EU to approach all dimensions of this issue and, most of all, to try to find long-term solutions in order to deal with this issue at source, in the countries left behind by refugees, because it is the causes of this phenomenon that need to be solved and not just the symptoms we are witnessing today in Europe. I have told Mr. Minister that, in my opinion, building fences to separate “civilised Europe” from the rest of Europe is an autistic and unacceptable gesture that violates the European spirit. Instead, Romania is the outside border of the EU and NATO and we have full capacity to defend the community of values we belong to”, Aurescu declared.

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