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May 9, 2021

Complicated day for Victor Ponta: Prime Minister appears in court on corruption charges, Opposition files no-confidence motion against Gov’t

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ, Romania’s Supreme Court) has scheduled for Monday its first session on the case of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, indicted last Thursday by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) on charges of forgery of documents using the personal signature (17 offences), complicity to tax evasion through repeated acts and money laundering, committed as a lawyer.
In addition, the Liberals are going to file today a no-confidence motion on the lack of credibility of PM Victor Ponta’s Government. The decision was made on Friday, in a meeting of the PNL National Steering College.

Ponta, Facebook message on his birthday: I never did anything illegal or bad intently

Prime Minister Victor Ponta, who has turned 43 on Sunday, wrote on Facebook a message thanking everyone who had wished him a happy birthday, mentioning that he had never done anything illegal or bad intently, he had learned from his mistakes and apologized when making something wrong.

“I thank everyone who has sent me today a positive thought (family, friends, colleagues or strangers, as well as to the two young persons who have seen me in my car, at the stop, and winded the window down just to wish me ‘Happy birthday’”, Victor Ponta wrote on his official Facebook page.

“In 43 years, I have already experienced many things, good and bad, I believe in God, I love my family more than I love myself, I help my friends and I respect people. I have never done anything illegal or bad intently, I have learned from my mistakes and I have apologized when I made something wrong. Even today, in times I have never experienced before, I think that stupidity, abomination and hatred, so present today in our life, cannot fundamentally as persons”, Ponta added, who had turned 43 years old on Sunday.

Dragnea wished Ponta a happy birthday

Social Democratic Party (PSD) interim President Liviu Dragnea declared on Sunday, after a meeting with leaders of the party at the PSD headquarters, that he had met Prime Minister Victor Ponta earlier that day, on his birthday, and gave him his best wishes.
“I have met Victor Ponta today, for his birthday, I gave him my best wishes and I have discussed with him about the Executive Committee (CExN) of tomorrow (Monday, editor’s note), where he will show up”, Liviu Dragnea said.
The interim Head of PSD had a meeting on Sunday with party leaders, such as the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, and representatives and secretaries of the party.

Dragnea mentioned that technical and management details have been discussed for the meeting of the National Executive Committee, that was due this Monday.

“I demanded the Secretary General this week, until today, to prepare the documents for CEXN tomorrow, when we will adopt the date of Congress, the regulations for universal voting because the President of PSD will elected by all members. Also, proposals to change Status must be adopted in CEXN first, and then presented in Congress”, Dragnea mentioned.
On the other hand, the PSD leader had declared that Prime Minister Victor Ponta was still enjoying the support of the party, and Social Democrats will not vote for the motion of censure prepared by PNL.

Dragnea added that he cannot yet reveal whether he would run for Congress or not, as he is still expecting to see how the proposals he had made for the party would be received. Dragnea also explained that his decision does not depend on the trial he is involved in.
“It depends on how I will feel, that I can make this party enter a new political cycle, and that most members want it to happen”, Dragnea concluded.

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