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August 12, 2022

First candidates to PSD presidency: Liviu Dragnea jokes about his candidacy after the first applicant is announced

Social Democrats are choosing new leader, after former head of the party Victor Ponta resigned this position two months ago. Ex-President of PSD Victor Ponta had declared that he was no longer interested in this position and the one who had replaced him as an interim, Liviu Dragnea, declared that he had not yet reached a decision. No more than three days went by since, and aspirants already started to show up.
Two Senators have joined the competition for the lead position in the Social Democrat Party (PSD), and the list is still open. The favourite continues to be, though, present interim President Liviu Dragnea. Even if he avoided to state clearly that he would run, he warned competitors that they were entering a tough battle with him at the beginning of October. Until then, the rules of the game are unclear.
Senator Daniel Savu announced his candidacy to the leadership of the party on Friday, at the county conference of PSD Prahova, and Liviu Dragnea reacted stating that he would find “serious competition” in Savu, pointing out to journalists afterwards that he had “joked” because he had seen Savu’s announcement as a “joke”.
Savu is the first PSD member who officially announces the intention to run for the top position in the party.
“Is there anybody who does not want me to run? Or Prahova to give a candidate for the Congress? I do not see anyone. Then, let it be noted in the protocol that we have a candidate from Prahova for Presidency of the Congress. I think I am the first. I am looking forward to it. I am positive Liviu Dragnea would run, too”, Daniel Savu, PSD Senator said.
Attending the election conference of PSD Prahova, interim President of PSD Liviu Dragnea declared that he would “confront” Savu.
“I will not keep you very long because it is late and I will allow myself to talk at the Congress, I will be in a serious competition with Mr. Daniel Savu, yet I want to assure you of all the support of central management”, Dragnea told Social Democrats in Prahova.
Asked later by journalists whether this announcement represented officially revealing his candidacy for Presidency of PSD, Liviu Dragnea replied that he had considered Daniel Savu’s announcement was a joke and that he had joked on his turn.

PSD Senator Serban Nicolae is another one to try his luck. He has few supporters, but he is confident in his assets. “I am with this party from its very beginnings, uninterruptedly, and I rely on the fact that I have an age of dynamics and political enthusiasm, combined with the experience I have gained in these 25 years. I had had high-level positions in the party and also in the Government. I am counting on the amount of notoriety I have at this time”, PSD Senator Serban Nicolae boasted.

The heads of local PSD branches are already considering organizing elections based on the pattern suggested by the interim President. Each member of the party is casting their vote on Friday, results are calculated on Saturday and on Sunday, Social Democrats are invited to Bucharest, to cheer for the winner. Explanations have been provided for the new procedure.

“The President of PSD should be elected by all members of the party. Were we to go to the Congress and choose him there, our friend Ms. Gorghiu and Mr. Vasile Blaga would certainly contest the election of the President, because it was not performed according to the status”, said Ioan Mang, President of PSD Bihor.
The PSD status also stipulates the existence of a standing order for organizing elections. It will be a topic of negotiations in the party.
“I do not think such standing order exists. On Monday, all details will be fixed concerning the day of the Congress, date, hour, location, the standing order of elections and how the President will be chosen”, Claudiu Manda, President of PSD Dolj announced.

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