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May 29, 2022

PNL’s calculations for the no-confidence motion: only 41 votes away from Ponta’s Government dismissal

The Liberals’ co-chair Alina Gorghiu said on Sunday that if the motion of no-confidence is defeated in Parliament, such a move will have negative effects on the Romanian society and cannot be ranked a PNL loss.
The Liberals are going to file on Monday a censure motion on the lack of credibility of PM Victor Ponta’s Government. The decision was made on Friday, in a meeting of the PNL National Steering College.

PNL’s Gorghiu: If no-confidence motion defeated, Romanian society, not PNL losing

“If the motion of no-confidence is defeated at the vote, it is not the PNL that loses, but the society in Romania, which at this moment is seen as the black sheep of Europe, with an indicted prime minister, a prime minister who is to appear in court in a corruption case on Monday”, Gorghiu said.

She stressed the opposition needs a “substantial” number of votes for the no-confidence motion to pass and as such she said the PNL was seeking the support of the parliamentarians from the parties backing Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

“I do not want to make a prognosis as for the chances of this motion, because it no longer depends on the National Liberal Party. We have done everything depending on us, the ball is now in ruling coalition leaders Oprea, Tariceanu and Dragnea’s court. If they are wise enough to place Romania above Victor Ponta’s personal interests and the interests of the Social Democrat Party – i.e. to stay in government at any cost, at any risk of making Romania lose credibility – then we will have a chance of success for the Romanians, not for us. But we’ll see”, Gorghiu said.

The Liberal co-leader explained that the talks on the support for the motion of censure will begin with each party leader. Gorghiu stated on Sunday evening at Digi 24 TV that Liberals would need at this moment only 41 votes to dismiss the Government.

“I expect a lot from coalition parties, not from PSD”

Gorghiu said she didn’t expect from the Social Democrat Party (PSD)’s MPs to support the PNL’s censure motion, but added she had “great expectations from the other parties of the ruling coalition.”

“Not the PSD MPs, I don’t think we could convince them first to join this approach. I have not big expectations from the PSD. Yet, I do have great hopes from the other parties of the ruling coalition. I have expectations from the UNPR [National Union for Romania’s Progress]. Yes, I believe it is an inflection point in Romanian politics. From the other parties that support the ruling coalition, I do have expectations from the ALDE [Romanian Alliance of Liberals and Democrats], and from the Opposition parties, as well, which will formulate a standpoint,” Gorghiu told Digi 24 on Sunday night.

She pointed out that she will talk to the UNPR chairman, Vice Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea about the vote of no confidence, because “now the ball is in his playground.”

“PNL’s responsibility was to initiate this approach in a crucial moment for the Romanian society. Now, the ball is not in our playground anymore. It is in Mr. Oprea’s yard who, as he has always claimed that he understands what the public interest is, I hope he will do it now, too. And do it really, because from the speech to reality could be a long way to go or could mean a vote on a censure motion. I’ll have talks with him next week, we’ll have talks with all the leaders of the parliamentary parties,” Gorghiu added, according to Agerpres.

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