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June 27, 2022

CNMT: Victor Ponta brought unprecedented insults to the Prime Minister of Hungary

The Presidium of the Hungarian National Council on Transylvania (CNMT) considers that Prime Minister Victor Ponta has brought “unprecedented insults” to the Prime Minister of Hungary and has denigrated him, causing useless tension, Mediafax announces.
According to a resolution adopted by the CNMT Presidium and transmitted on Sunday, Prime Minister Victor Ponta eroded even more his authority as a Prime Minister, which was undermined anyway by accusations of corruption.
“Regarding the crisis caused by refugees, Western European politicians have launched several unfounded attacks at Hungary’s Prime Minister, Orbán Viktor. (…) Romanian PM Victor Ponta brought unprecedented insults to the Prime Minister of Hungary. Instead of significantly contributing to a crisis situation that jeopardizes the entire continent, Ponta denigrates the Prime Minister of Hungary, who has acted accordingly to the stipulations of international law. Therefore, Prime Minister Victor Ponta further eroded his authority as Prime Minister, which was undermined anyway by the accusations of corruption. He has caused useless tension at a time he could have considered the fate of his own nation and could have concentrated on preventing the negative impact of certain feelings caused of the present wave of migration might cause upon the millions of Romanian citizens who have migrated to Europe”, the resolution shows.

The CNMT representatives claim that, through his “cheap populism”, Victor Ponta wishes to distract the attention of the discontent population from internal politics’ issues, from the devastated health system to the chaos that dominates the education system, as well as his own case of corruption.
“Under these circumstances, we would love to point out the fact that certain actions undertaken by the Prime Minister are investigated by the DNA, and, moreover, he was sued by this institution. The citizens of Romania await such attitude from behalf of the Prime Minister of the country. Therefore, we demand Prime Minister Victor Ponta to resign immediately from his position”, the resolution also shows.
The CNMT leaders assure the Hungarian Government of their support, outlining that they share a common past and a common future.
“We further advise our Romanian partners to act similarly, as European spirit and European culture are endangered, and protecting them is the common interest of Romanians and Hungarians. Let us therefore act in this direction and spirit. We salute the measures attempted by the Hungarian Government and wish to point out this way that, during these difficult times, our motherland can could on the support and solidarity of Transylvanian Hungarians”, the resolution of the CNMT Presidium mentions.
The CNMT representatives consider that receiving immigrants is just a treatment of symptoms and all causes of the issue must be solved.
“Refugees must be helped, but to an extent that should not jeopardize the actual population of Europe and the European civilisation built on the Christian set of values. If political leaders in Western Europe only restrict to receiving immigrants without adopting integrating measures, we may shortly expect the anarchy to start, or even a civil war” they concluded.

Victor Ponta had reacted on Facebook to the intense diplomatic exchanges on the topic of Hungary’s plans to extend the fence from the border with Serbia to the border with Romania “for a reasonable distance”, appreciating that this measure reminded of the 30s and 40s Europe.

“I do not want to respond to challenges from behalf of Hungarian Government representatives – just read the story below and you will understand the indignation I feel, as a person and as a European citizen, towards mentalities and attitudes Europe has only seen during the 30s and 40s”, Prime Minister Victor Ponta wrote on his Facebook page, referring to how the Hungarian Government had reacted to the criticism of European leaders towards the way Hungary had managed the issue of refugees.
Ponta had declared that, considering the behaviour of certain officials in Budapest, they are a shame to EU values.

PM Ponta: Hungary’s attitude in refugees’ crisis a disgrace for Europe

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Monday that he is maintaining his opinion on Hungary’s attitude regarding the management of refugees’ crisis, pointing out that it is “non-European” and “a disgrace for Europe”.
“For the time being, I am maintaining my opinions, which are similar to those of Serbian, Croatian, Austrian prime ministers, of the European Commission, the UN Secretary-General – that is, Hungary’s attitude refugees’ crisis is non-European and a disgrace for Europe. To build fences at the border between two European countries, between Hungary and Romania, is a matter that has nothing to do with the European spirit, a reason why I will defend my country and my Government. And regarding the fact that the Hungarian authorities are meddling into the domestic political affairs of Romania, I think everyone should respond as I have, with outrage,” Ponta said at the Parliament Palace.

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