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August 10, 2022

Elena Udrea not running for Bucharest mayor

The former Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Elena Udrea, said on Tuesday that she would not run for the office of mayor of Bucharest.
‘I have not thought about running for mayor of Bucharest and I will not’, Udrea said after reporting to the Police where she needs to go every Tuesday and Friday.
She made the statement in the context of the rumours about the fact that she is interested in taking the seat of Sorin Oprescu, currently arrested in a bribery case.
The ex-Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Elena Udrea, has been on probation since 16 June, when the High Court replaced her home arrest measure.
Udrea was on house arrest from 7 May to 16 June. Between 25 February and 30 April, Udrea was under arrest – first at the Bucharest Police, then at the Targsor Prison.
On 21 April, Elena Udrea was brought to trial in the ‘Gala Bute’ case, the charges being abuse of power in connection with the organisation by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism of the boxing event and bribe-taking in connection with the financing of a number of contracts by the same ministry.

PNL’s no-confidence vote: ‘They were too lazy to do something serious’

Elena Udrea wrote on Facebook on Tuesday that she would support the PNL no-confidence vote against the Victor Ponta Government. She said that, after reading the text of the motion, she had the ‘surprise’ to see that, the way it was conceived, it seemed either the Liberals did not believe in the chance of it being adopted, or ‘they were too lazy to do something serious.
‘PNL is introducing a no-confidence vote against the Ponta Cabinet. Talking to a colleague from the former PDL, currently PNL, who was going to sign the motion in Parliament, I told him I was thinking about signing it myself, and, evidently, voting for it’, the MP states on Facebook.
Elena Udrea added that the first reason for which she had decided to support the motion was ‘the dilettantism with which the Government responded to the immigrant crisis’. The second one is ‘the fact that the European funds allocated to Romania for 2014 – 2020 are still inaccessible, which will lead to the loss of more billions of euro, as we already lost 7 – 7.5 bn from the 2007 – 2013 budget’.
‘What a surprise it was for me when I read the text of the motion!’ By the looks of it, not even PNL trust they have a chance, or maybe they were too lazy to do something serious. The idea, very briefly expressed on two A4 pages, including the standard address formulas, is to unseat the Government because Ponta has been sent to trial’, Elena Udrea continued.
‘So, before the judges tell us if the premier is guilty or not, I will give a no-confidence vote for my own reasons, that I have already listed’, she concluded.

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