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May 24, 2022

Five candidates in the internal competition of PNL for the Mayoralty of Bucharest: Petre Roman, Ludovic Orban, Busoi, Canacheu and Udriste

Prime-Vice-President of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Teodor Atanasiu declared on Sunday, in a press conference that the internal competition of PNL for appointing a candidate for the Mayoralty of Bucharest was joined by five potential attendants, respectively Petre Roman, Ludovic Orban, Cristian Busoi, Costica Canacheu and Gheorghe Udriste.
Asked whether he intended to attend the internal competition for selecting the PNL candidate for the Mayoralty of Bucharest, Teodor Atanasiu replied that he did not do such thing, mentioning that there were other five colleagues of him who have submitted candidacies.
“I have not submitted my candidacy for the Mayoralty of the Municipality of Bucharest, but we have colleagues in the party who did. We have a process of internal selection of these candidates, a process of selection that will supply us all elements needed in November, to reach our decision. Perhaps we will reveal publicly our candidates at the end of the year”, Atanasiu declared.

Teodor Atanasiu, Co-President of the PNL Bucharest organization, mentioned that there were five candidates to the General Mayoralty of Bucharest in the internal competition of PNL and 29 to the District Mayoralties.

Asked who the candidates were for the General Mayoralty, Atanasiu nominated Petre Roman, Ludovic Orban, Cristian Busoi, Costica Canacheu and Gheorghe Udriste.
PNL Prime-Vice-President Teodor Atanasiu and PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu made a visit to Cugir, in Alba County, on Sunday, to attend the cultural and artistic events organized as part of the “Autumn in Cugir” Festival. The program also included a visit to the Hospital in Cugir, and meetings with the representatives of the local administration and PNL leaders of the region.

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