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December 1, 2022

PM Ponta: Romania is no big power, yet it could financially support Rep. of Moldova

The Romanian and Moldovan Governments held a joint meeting on Tuesday at the Neptun seaside resort. The meeting was led by Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta and Moldovan Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet.
Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced on Tuesday in Neptun that Romania is willing to financially aid the Republic of Moldova, given that the agenda of the two governments’ joint meeting in the Black Sea resort also included the terms of a loan to Chisinau.
“There are confrontations and important issues for those who rule in Chisinau and in Bucharest alike, but I wish to say that when help is needed, I want you to find it in Romania firstly. (…) If Romania today has entirely reimbursed the loan it took from the International Monetary Fund and has no reason to apply for any more loans, usually we are not a lending country but, should you need it, of course our answer is ‘yes’, and we’ll support you in these moments. (…) Romania is not a big power, but it is a country that could help you and should do it further,” the Romanian prime minister said at the beginning of the joint meeting of the Romanian and Moldovan governments.

Valeriu Strelet: “Thank you for giving us financial support”

In his turn, Moldovan Premier Valeriu Strelet said that the financial aid from Romania comes “at a crucial moment for the Republic of Moldova.”
“Thank you for your openness to giving us financial support at a crucial moment for the Republic of Moldova, the value and terms of which we are going to discuss here, today, understanding that the reform effort we strive to conclude in Chisinau will be successful when we’ll be aided in these initiatives, also in financial terms, by the most loyal and closest friend of the Republic of Moldova,” said Strelet.
Political sources say that the sum taken into account is EUR 150 M, repayable within five years, according to Agerpres.
The members of the two governments established the new projects that will be financed on the basis of this agreement. Special care will be given to the continuation of energy infrastructure projects, the interconnection of the electricity and natural gas transmission grids, as well as to the transportation domain, through the design and construction of new bridges across the Prut River. Likewise, mutual interest was expressed in the possible participation of Romanian companies in future privatizations taking place in the Republic of Moldova’s economic sectors.
Other projects analyzed concern the agriculture and environment protection domains but also the support for the development of the health sector by expanding the emergency response service in the Republic of Moldova.
The meeting of the two governments was scheduled during the visit that Premier Victor Ponta paid to Chisinau on August 27, when the priorities of the bilateral agenda over the coming months were set and the 4th additional protocol to the bilateral agreement on implementing the technical and financial assistance programme on the basis of a non-reimbursable financial aid of EUR 100 M was signed.

Incidents in Neptun

Around 400 persons took part in a rally on Tuesday in Neptun, the place where the Romanian and Moldovan governments held their joint meeting. The participants shouted “We want union” and held placards with pro-union messages. At one point they tried to break through the line of gendarmes in order to reach the building where the two governments were holding their joint meeting.
The rally was organized by the “Action 2012” Unionist Platform, the participants stating that they came to Neptun in order to let the representatives of the two governments know that a timetable for the union of the two states should be set, Mediafax informs.
“Our goal is the union of the two states. Today we want the two governments to establish a clear agenda for union by 2018 when 100 years since the Great Union of Romanians will be marked. This agenda should consist of three mandatory points: energy interconnection, in what concerns natural gas and electricity alike, a single currency, and a joint foreign and defence policy. These are our demands and we want to express them before the ministers of both Romanian states,” George Simion stated on Tuesday for Agerpres.

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