Surprise within PSD: Negoita files bid for party leadership

Bucharest’s District 3 Mayor Robert Negoita, recently appointed leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Bucharest, announced on Tuesday that he will run for the position of party president in the October 11 elections.
He will run against Senator Daniel Savu, Senator Serban Nicolae, very likely against PSD Interim President Liviu Dragnea, who is yet to announce his candidacy, and PSD Vice President Ecaterina Andronescu who recently stated she would like to run for that position.
“I am determined to run for the office of PSD President in the October 11 elections. It’s an important moment for Romania, it’s a crucial moment for PSD. The largest party in Romania, currently a ruling party who has appointed the Prime Minister, is in a delicate situation. The Premier had the first court hearing on Monday, in a criminal case, the interim president is sentenced in a court of first instance, and we have elections several days from now,” Negoita stated for Mediafax.
The leader of PSD Bucharest states that people now expect “responsibility” and “maturity” from PSD, this being the reason why he decided to run. “Those who are determined, who have courage and the desire to help out in order to overcome a deadlock, stand out only in difficult moments. We cannot afford risky actions or choices,” Negoita emphasized.
He stated he has talked with Liviu Dragnea about his candidacy and the latter did not object.
“He doesn’t mind, we respect each other and the competition merely stimulates people. I have a very good relation with Liviu Dragnea, I respect him for everything he has done and for what he is. While he has not announced his candidacy, I have”, Negoita said.
Robert Negoita’s bid comes as a surprise after Negoita adopted, on September 10, after he was unanimously elected president of PSD Bucharest as the sole candidate, a resolution asking for a party congress meeting to be held in the first half of October, the reason invoked being precisely “in order for Liviu Dragnea and the party leadership to gain legitimacy.”
Robert Negoita was rumoured to be PSD’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, however on September 17 he announced on Facebook that he will remain District 3 Mayor and will not run for the City Hall.

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