Ex-Culture Minister Daniel Barbu interviewed by prosecutors in Adrian Severin’s case

The former Minister of Culture, Daniel Barbu, was interviewed by anticorruption prosecutors on Tuesday, as a witness in the case where Adrian Severin is charged with complicity in money laundering, in connection with offences committed by his assistants Anne Juganaru and Florin Abraham, during the period when he served as a member of the European Parliament.
Daniel Barbu said, after seeing the DNA prosecutors, that he had told the investigators about the debates to which he would be invited, but that he didn’t know about the money from the European Parliament. Barbu stressed that the participants in such debates were not remunerated.
Asked if, on the occasion of those debates, he would meet with Adrian Severin, Daniel Barbu said he had no connections with him, just with Anne Juganaru.
‘I have never had any connection with Mr. Severin. I don’t know if (Anne Juganaru – editor’s note) was Mr. Severin’s assistant, she was the Director Executive of the Social Democratic Institute. She was organising debates, round tables, in which I have always participated with pleasure. (…) I did not know anything about the funds. I only told them about the academic activities in which I participated, which were quite interesting, and that was al. I would be invited as a professor. I would attend some round table or debate every second or third month’, said Daniel Barbu.
The DNA prosecutors informed Adrian Severin, on 17 July, that he had been prosecuted for continuous complicity in money laundering. Within the investigation, Adrian Severin’s assets and bank accounts were frozen up to the value of 436,663 euro.

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