PM Ponta : Talks with U.S. ambassador focused on strategic partnership

Prime Minister Victor Ponta received on Wednesday at the Victoria Palace the newly appointed U.S. ambassador to Romania, Hans Klemm.

“I welcomed him; I’m very happy that after three years we have an [American] ambassador. Now, there – new ambassadors. Our ambassador in Washington, Mr. [George] Maior and USA’s in Bucharest. We have talked about our strategic partnership, about the projects we have underway and about the fact that in the past three years and a half, since I’m Prime Minister, Romania has proven a very reliable ally of the USA and that obviously we want more appreciation and more support to our problems,” the Premier said at the Parliament Palace.

He added that the discussion focused more on the strategic projects of Romania with the U.S., on the situation in the Republic of Moldova and less on domestic issues.

“We talked about what the head of an embassy of Romania’s most important partner – the USA – should talk, about our strategic projects; and we talked a little bit about Moldova, because yesterday [Tuesday] we had the joint government sitting [with the Moldovan Government] and have endorsed that decision we are going to table to the Parliament in the shortest time regarding a 150 million euros loan to the Republic of Moldova,” Ponta stressed.

He added that he also received “bad news,” namely that the Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the International Monetary Fund will not be signed “yet.”

“Well, I have asked for the U.S. support because anyhow they have a stronger voice. To the IMF, internationally, too and I said something I believe everybody understands. Obviously throughout the world many other problems exist, Syria, the refugees, Ukraine, yet to us Moldova is the most important and we could help them, but we can’t do it alone. I mean, now, in the following months with our support; but they need this agreement with the IMF and the European Commission and I asked a bit of support in this respect, too,” the premier mentioned.

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