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September 25, 2020

Sorin Oprescu admitted to Military Hospital

The request of Bucharest’s suspended mayor Sorin Oprescu to be transported to a public hospital for detailed investigations ‘as a matter of urgency’ has been granted.
Oprescu has undergone several checkups this week, after feeling unwell while under arrest.
‘He will go to any hospital where there is an interventional cardiac surgery department. He has pectoral angina, a pain in the chest. Here he cannot keep his diet. Being a diabetic, he must weigh every meal’, said Adriana Nica, Sorin Oprescu’s partner, according to Pro TV.
The suspended mayor, currently under arrest, having been charged with taking bribe, had asked to be admitted to the University Hospital which he headed before becoming a mayor, in order to be seen by his attending physician. Oprescu’s request was, however, granted, but for the Military Hospital.
Monday night, Oprescu was taken to Sf. Ioan Hospital where he was seen by doctors for about an hour. Tuesday morning, he was transported back to hospital by the police van for additional investigations. Most likely, this time he saw his attending physician who, on Monday night, was not on call.

Viorel Mocanu, one of the lawyers representing the suspended mayor of Bucharest, said on Tuesday that the defence had expressly asked by submitting a request with the Bucharest Police that Sorin Oprescu should be taken to the Municipal University Hospital for an examination.
‘Today, he has expressly requested, we, the defence, have made a request in writing for that, asking that he should be taken to the Municipal University Hospital of Bucharest. As far as I know, he has a cardiac problem, I have not seen the medical papers to be able to confirm, nor am I a professional in the field. However, the two doctors are radiologists. (…) It’s a health issue that needs treating’, Mocanu said, according to Agerpres.
He noted that the defence had not asked for the replacement of arrest with a different measure on medical grounds.
In what regards the term by which he was supposed to get a response in the matter of the medical checkups at the requested hospital, Mocanu said ‘it’s an ambiguity’.
Asked if the motivation of judge Camelia Bogdan had caused the medical issues of his client, the lawyer said they might have been caused by both the stress and diet.
Judge Camelia Bogdan with the Bucharest Court of Appeal shows in the motivation of her decision confirming the preventive arrest in Oprescu’s case that the measures required in order to allow the investigators to conduct a minute investigation and, at the same time, also conduct an economic investigation, but also not to give the defendant the opportunity of hiding evidence.
The Court states that a less restrictive preventive measure in Sorin Oprescu’s case could generate a reaction of deep indignation in the society or encourage similar conduct.
The judge further notes that the measure of preventive arrest enforced against Sorin Oprescu is necessary as a guarantee of the smooth unfolding of the criminal trial, considering the seriousness of the offence.
The Mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, was placed under arrest on 6 September by the Bucharest Tribunal, on the request of the National Anticorruption Directorate prosecutors who had accused him of taking bribe. Sorin Oprescu was suspended from office as Mayor of Bucharest on 15 September, after the final preventive arrest decision had been handed down by the Court.

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