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September 17, 2021

Vote on Liberals’ no-confidence motion, next Tuesday

A no-confidence motion heading ‘Choose between Romania and Ponta, a compromised premier. Dismiss Victor Ponta!” was read in a joint plenary sitting of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday by Deputy Eugen Nicolaescu on behalf of his National Liberal Party (PNL).
According to the PNL, who filed the motion, as PM Ponta has been indicted, the whole country is compromised, and the heads of the ruling coalition parties, Gabriel Oprea of the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) and Liviu Dragnea of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) are accomplices if they keep supporting the premier.
The Parliament should debate and vote the motion next Tuesday.
For the motion to be adopted, there will need to be 275 votes in favour, therefore the Liberals say they are still 95 votes short and that they will start negotiations with the independent MPs, with UDMR and UNPR.
The censure motion ‘Choose between Romania and Ponta’ was initiated by PNL. In the document, the authors claim that, being on trial, the prime-minister compromises a whole nation and that the UNPR and PSD leaders, Gabriel Oprea and Liviu Dragnea, were his ‘accomplices’ if they still support him.

President Iohannis supports censure motion

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday said that if the censure motion filed by the liberals passes, leading to the fall of the Government, that would be “a good thing.”
“Considering that I’m the President of Romania, I’m not involved in the censure motion, nor in the way the parties negotiate it. Certainly the approval of the censure motion would be a good outcome,” the head of state explained.
According to Iohannis, a Yes vote to the no confidence motion would solve “a great problem of Romania.”
“I’m looking forward for those who have in their power to change this unhappy situation for Romania, to do it. This is what I meant when I said that should the censure motion passes it would be a good thing. I don’t mean to stress that I publicly support a PNL [National Liberal Party] motion, but such a motion will solve a great problem of Romania, the fact that it has an indicted prime minister. We are unique in a negative way with such a premier,” Iohannis stated.

Victor Ponta: ‘It’s good news. It means this year they cannot introduce another no-confidence vote’
Prime-Minister Victor Ponta said it was good news that the Parliament would hear the censure motion on Tuesday, 29 September. ‘There is also a piece of very good news. The fact that there is a no-confidence vote on Tuesday means, under the Constitution, that they may not organise another one this year, so we can get to work and stop wasting so much time on useless politics in Parliament’, PM Victor Ponta said at the beginning of the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

UDMR to back PNL in no-confidence vote< /strong>

UDMR will support the censure motion introduced by PNL, Union President Kelemen Hunor informed on Wednesday and added that he formal decision would be made in the joint UDMR parliamentary groups on Monday. He noted that they had had a first round of talks with the Liberals on Wednesday, after the submission of the motion and that they had discussed both that subject and the situation of the public television station and that the leaders of UDMR and PNL would meet again the following days.

‘The no-confidence vote is a political tool and it’s a good thing to use it every parliamentary season. I retain the question if the timing is right, if it wouldn’t have been better to introduce it in three weeks from now, but there is no way back. UDMR is in the opposition and we will definitely act as such. Of course that UDMR is not going to vote against the censure motion, but, talking to my colleagues, their majority think that we should follow the line of an opposition party’, said Kelemen Hunor after the meeting with PNL leaders Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga on Wednesday, according to Agerpres.

The UDMR leader noted that the formal decision on the no-confidence vote would be made during the meeting of the joint political groups of the Union on Monday. Kelemen Hunor added that, if the current ruling coalition supported PM Victor Ponta, the motion didn’t stand a chance and that, if the current Government drafted the 2016 budget, it would be a problem for Romania: ‘We have not the necessary votes to unseat the Government without the help of some people on the current coalition’.
Asked if UDMR was interested in entering the Government, Kelemen Hunor said the subject had not been discussed with PNL and that such a matter was anyway premature.

Vasile Blaga: ‘We’ll also talk to UDMR, UNPR, but also to Geoana and Fenechiu’

PNL Co-president Vasile Blaga said on Wednesday that PNL would have a meeting with UNPR to discuss the no-confidence vote, and noted that they would also contact Mircea Geoana and Daniel Fenechiu about the same thing.
‘We’ll talk to UNPR today. We will meet with them today, but not only with the. We are also going to talk to Mr. Geoana and Mr. Fenechiu’, Blaga said.
Blaga’s statement comes after a meeting of PNL with UDMR President Kelemen Hunor, in the hope that his party would back the motion.
‘For now, it’s not advisable to run before our horse to market. We are trying and making all effort to create a majority to support the censure motion that we will debate and vote on next Tuesday. I am convinced that UDMR will make a decision to support the motion. We will have another meeting’, Vasile Blaga noted.

Alina Gorghiu: PNL to organise rally against Gov’t in Izvor Park next Tuesday

The National Liberal Party (PNL) will organise a rally to protest against the Government in Bucharest’s Izvor Park next Tuesday, when the Parliament debates and takes a vote on the motion of censure, the Liberals’ co-president Alina Gorghiu announced on Tuesday.
The rally on September 29 will be also aimed at the postal voting, Gorghiu told a news conference.
She said the Liberals call both on the party organisations near the capital and Bucharest residents to take part.
” We call not only on the [PNL] county branches near Bucharest to take part, we also call the Bucharest residents, who know what the Social Democrats’ double-talk means, what the image crisis into which the PSD together with the ruling parties lead us means and how bad it is to keep a compromise formula at Victoria Palace [the Govt’s offices] for the mere sake of one’s not compromising their own chances at the PSD Congress, for example”, said Gorghiu, adding the rally will take place in Izvor Park.

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