Government sends message of tolerance, good understanding on Kurban Bayrami Muslim holiday

The Romanian Government on Thursday sent the country’s Muslim community a message on their holiday Kurban Bayrami (Turkish name of the Feast of the Sacrifice, Eid al-Adha in Arabic) where it stresses the importance of inter-confessional tolerance and good understanding, especially in the refugees crisis context Europe is currently facing.

“The Muslim community of Romania is celebrating as of today the Kurban Bayram, the Feast of the Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha), a solemn moment when the family, devotion to God are celebrated. The main purpose of this holiday is solidarity with the persons experiencing hard times, the accomplishment of common good even if through small personal sacrifices. The message is as strong and positive as possible, especially in these testing times for Europe, for the refugees in the conflict areas, when the global community should prove as much tolerance and unity as possible to be close to the needy,” the message of the Executive reads.

The document highlights the role and implication of the Muslim community of Romania “in explaining the importance of solidarity.”

“We totally believe in the power of tolerance to guaranteeing a better future together! That is why we have in Europe and in Romania a great responsibility – to preserve the mutual respect and harmony in all inter-confessional relationships, to live together in brotherly love for those who wish to live a peaceful life, to integrate in a useful manner for the communities that are receiving them arms opened. We are very happy that the Romanian citizens of Muslim confession are actively involved in explaining everybody the importance of solidarity and cohesion of our society. We wish you all happiness and good health – let us carry peace and good understanding in our souls!”, the message by the Romanian Government concludes.

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