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March 23, 2023

Lawyer Daniel Fenechiu announced he would run for Mayoralty of Bucharest

The President of the National Democrat Party, lawyer Daniel Fenechiu, intends to be a candidate for the Mayoralty of Bucharest. The announcement was made by Robert Turcescu at the show “The Last Word” on B1 TV. The lawyer offered Turcescu an interview, due to be published in Evenimentul Zilei, announcing his intention to run for the Mayoralty of Bucharest.

In a telephone intervention for the TV show “The Last Word”, Daniel Fenechiu confirmed the information, mentioning that he had reached this decision as he had discovered that there were a few issues in Bucharest that got worse as time went by, and they all were caused by the poor application of the law.
“I have noticed that Bucharest has certain issues that, instead of getting solved, get aggravated as time goes by. They are caused by the poor application of the law. Under the circumstances that the mafia thicket leading the administration in Bucharest cannot be cleared by anyone (…) I think that a lawyer willing to come with a program of clearing the administration in Bucharest might turn Bucharest into an European capital, where rules are paid respect”, Fenechiu declared.
He mentioned he would not refuse being supported in his electoral campaign by ex-President Traian Basescu.

“I would not refuse Basescu’s support, as he had been General Mayor, he has been President, he has notoriety and he benefits of trust. If people or parties want to support me for what I am as a human being, they are welcome to do so. (…) I want to be a fair Mayor and to bring law to the Mayoralty”, Daniel Fenechiu further declared.

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