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September 16, 2021

Pink Martini return to Bucharest with vocalist China Forbes

Pink Martini is due to enter the stage of the Palace Hall once again, for another music adventure, on October 4, this time by the side of soloist China Forbes. Thus, jazz, pop, classical and latino music tunes will be once again enjoyed in a specific Pink Martini show, a band who already declared their affinity for Romania.
The fantastic twelve – China Forbes (vocals) / Thomas M. Lauderdale (piano) / Robert Taylor (trombone) / Dan Faehnle (guitar) / Phil Baker (bass) / Nicholas Crosa (violin) / Timothy Nishimoto (vocals and percussions) / Brian Lavern Davis (drums and percussions) / Anthony Jones (drums and percussions) / Antonis Andreou (trombone) / Pansy Chang (cello) – will enter the stage of the Palace Hall with their souls brimming with exotic flavours and afferent music stories, and will perform already consecrated tunes, as well as the songs on their latest album “Dream a little dream”.
Their eighth studio album released in 2014 is the first international launch of Sofia, Melanie, Armande and August von Trapp, the real grandchildren of Captain and Maria von Trapp, protagonists of the famous musical “The Sound of Music” of 1965. For two years, the four brothers were invited by Thomas Lauderdale to Oregon, as special guests of Pink Martini. The collaboration has created some of the most beautiful harmonies among their voices and the fabulous arrangements by pianist Thomas Lauderdale.
“Pana cand nu te iubeam”, a Romanian song initially sung by Maria Tanase, is now part of Pink Martini’s setlist, reorchestrated in the defining style of the band. It was launched in 2013, in Romania, to celebrate the centenary of Maria Tanase’s birth, and the lyrics were sang by Storm Large, the singer who accompanied Pink Martini at that time. Instead of a mere good-bye, the words they said on the stage were: “We hope that we will return to Bucharest and that, when we do, Rosia Montana would be just as beautiful and green!”.
Pink Martini was founded in 1994, in the city of Portland, Oregon, hometown to band leader Thomas Lauderdale. At that time he had an active political career and his attendances to various charity events persuaded him that he is able to create a small orchestra in order to combat the noise and mediocre sounds some people used to call music. Once he founded the band that explores every sound in the world and that masterfully combines music genres, Thomas Lauderdale left politics behind, in order to focus on this projects that gained a much stronger sound all over the world.
Tickets may be purchased online on www.eventim.ro or in Eventim network (Germanos, Vodafone, Orange, Domo stores, Humanitas book stores, librăriile Carturesti book stores, Carrefour hypermarkets and OMV gas stations).

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