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February 2, 2023

Veolia campaign for future of the planet

Veolia Romania has officially launched its “Regenerating the Planet” campaign. The campaign reflects the unity of action of all Romanian branches of the Veolia Group: Apa Nova Bucharest, Apa Nova Ploiesti, Veolia Energie Prahova, Veolia Energie Iasi, Veolia Apa Servicii and Veolia Energie Romania which operates in Otopeni too.
Veolia Group warns that 7 billion people are currently living on the planet and the population is on a continuous rise. The world is developing and needs new resources and we can ensure them through better management and regeneration. This means we have to be more inventive, more responsible and more efficient. Water and waste management, as well as energy saving, will ensure that the planet’s resources will be preserved over the long term.
Veolia Romania, a full member of global utilities leader Veolia, has launched the “Regenerating the Planet” campaign at a press conference organized yesterday at the Glina Water Treatment Plant.
The campaign is meant to run indefinitely. “This campaign will never end because it seeks a better management of resources and their regeneration. People still waste not only water but all resources they have. Today we launch a continuous promise,” Apa Nova Deputy CEO Epsica Chiru explained.

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