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October 21, 2021

UNPR’s Oprea reiterates support for current coalition: We will not vote on censure motion

National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) chairman Gabriel Oprea in Galati on Saturday said that the political formation he leads will not vote on the censure motion.

“We go with the current ruling coalition, we will not vote on the censure motion. We believe the current government is a good government, which has registered economic performances for Romania,” Oprea told a press conference.

Asked whether the UNPR MPs will remain seated or vote against the censure motion, Oprea replied: “Our parliamentarians will not vote on the censure motion, to be more specific.”

The UNPR leader added that President Klaus Iohannis will continue to have the UNPR support on national security matters.

“We support President Klaus Iohannis, it is very necessary right now, especially in Romania’s Parliament, to support him in the matters of national security in Romania. We have done it and we shall continue to do so,” Oprea pointed out.

The UNPR leader reiterated that the national interest policy has drawn many Romanians to the party and generated an increase in polls.

“We have grown in polls also due to the fact that we have been the first to have spoken of this national interest of Romania. We were treated with smiles at first, five years ago, with disbelief. Now, all political leaders, bigger or smaller, are talking about the national interest, we are talking about the European positive patriotism, we keep our promises, that is why over 100,000 Romanians have recently come to the UNPR,” Oprea said.

Gabriel Oprea was in Galati on Saturday, where he participated in the meeting of the UNPR Organisations of the South-East Region.

Deputy PM :There is no migration pressure in Romania

There is no migration pressure in Romania, Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea told a press conference in Galati on Saturday.

“We have taken all measures to ensure Romania’s national security. There is no migration pressure in Romania. We have six centres where we can accommodate migrants, we have set up two camps in the area of Timisoara and, from the data we have, we can ensure Romania’s national security without any problems. We shall take all measures swiftly, when the situation requires it. The important thing is that we are managing Romania’s national security with all relevant institutions,” Oprea said.

When asked if a camp will be set up in Mangalia for the migrants coming via the Black Sea, Oprea replied: “Anything is possible, anywhere in Romania, if the situation requires it.”

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