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February 25, 2021

Basescu, message for Ambassadors to Romania

Ever since his term as President ended, Traian Basescu reveals a nationalistic side and a disapproval of methods used by prosecutors. Both inclinations appear in the latest message released by the ex-President who starts out with the Volkswagen controversy to attack foreign Ambassadors to Romania and the preference of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) for preventive arrests.

“What about Romania? I am among the people who believe and who have believed in determined action against corruption. In Bucharest, the Ambassadors of USA, Germany, UK or Holland frequently express their public appreciation for the battle against corruption that manifests itself by arrests without a trial (preventive) in case of corruption-related suspicions.
In Germany’s case, I failed to hear about any trial-free (preventive) arrest in the case of Volkswagen and the state authorities that had collaborated in order to misguide customers of all continents in deliberately forging the technical description of over 4 million sold cars and stealing huge sums from citizens’ pockets. If Germany’s Ambassador to Romania was asked by a Romanian journalist why the people responsible of the German forgery were not placed in preventive arrest, what would he answer?
He might tell us that human rights and the presumption of innocence should be respected in Germany? What about Romania?” Basescu posted on Facebook.

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