Sorin Oprescu to remain hospitalized until Tuesday: Surgery decision to be taken on Monday

Bucharest’s suspended mayor Sorin Oprescu will remain hospitalized until Tuesday at the University Hospital. Medical sources state that he will undergo a heart scan on Monday. Depending on its result, it will be decided whether he will undergo heart surgery or not.
Sorin Oprescu was hospitalized on Saturday at the University Hospital. In line with the regulations, a policeman is posted permanently in his hospital room and two others are posted outside the room. Only doctors are allowed to enter the room. The doctors have started their investigations and depending on the results they will decide on how to treat Sorin Oprescu. Oprescu will undergo a heart scan on Monday and he will thus have to remain in hospital for at least another 24 hours.
“I want to clear up the aspect concerning that hospital room or VIP reserve. The protocol shows that police officers have to permanently keep under watch an arrested person while hospitalized. They cannot keep other persons under watch too, so he has to be alone in the room. It wasn’t prepared beforehand as you claim. There are no luxury rooms within the Bucharest Municipal Hospital. We are talking about a regular two-bed room,” Viorel Mocanu, Sorin Oprescu’s lawyer, stated for Romania TV.
Concerning the former mayor’s state of health, the lawyer pointed out that he has several ailments. “He has several ailments. He is diabetic, has high blood pressure and has two coronary stents. I’ve understood he is recovering, the surgery will be decided based on the results of the check-up. Only doctors will decide in this regard. We are satisfied we have managed to ensure this man’s right to health, a right violated for a week by the prison’s leadership. The client requested to see 2 doctors that were keeping him under observation. Nobody came from home especially for this. They were doctors on duty within the ward. Yesterday’s commission was formed by doctors present in the hospital. Nobody came from home especially for Mr. Oprescu,” the mayor’s lawyer stated.
Sorin Oprescu found out on Saturday that he is allowed to go to hospital for medical check-ups.
The Attorney General’s team that looked into Sorin Oprescu’s state of health, the treatment applied to persons held in detention and the conditions within Bucharest Police’s Preventive Arrest Center decided that Bucharest’s former mayor should be hospitalized.
Sorin Oprescu’s doctor, who paid a visit to him on Friday evening, stated that he cannot reach a precise diagnosis within the Bucharest Police’s Detention Center because the medical office there is modestly equipped.
“The state of health can grow worse for any person with diabetes and angina. The Bucharest Police’s medical office is modest, it’s a medical check-up office. I had a discussion with the doctor keeping him under observation and with Professor Oprescu in order for him to undergo full heart investigations. This office doesn’t have the medical equipment needed to reach a thorough diagnosis. A patient with angina can die suddenly or can live 20 years,” the cardiologist said.
Asked whether he has seen any change in Sorin Oprescu’s condition since he has been placed under arrest, he stated that “he has changed, he is weaker, less tonic. I couldn’t tell whether he has changed from a mental point of view too.”

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