Ambassador Ioan Donca, Vice-President House of Romanian – Chinese Friendship: Romania by China’s side as a constant and trustworthy partner

On October 1, 1949, after major struggles and sacrifices, the Popular Chinese Republic was proclaimed. Romania established, no more than four days later, on October 4, diplomatic relations with the new Chinese state. Both countries sent Ambassadors mutually, and thus, a new chapter opened in their relations.
This October, we are celebrating 66 years since the proclamation of the Popular Republic of China, and since the foundation of traditional relations of friendship and mutual respect between the two countries and nations, for world peace and agreement.

Romania has always been by China’s side as a constant and trustworthy partner. Thousands of young Chinese have studied in Romania. As they returned to their country, they continued to be, and still are Romania’s loyal friends, a genuine bridge between our nations. Our country provided ample and vigorous support in granting the Popular Republic of China its legitimate place as a member of the United Nations Organization.
On its turn, China has always acted as a loyal friend in relations with Romania and as a solid and constant economical partner.
Romania, as a member of the European Union, plays a major role in China’s cooperation with the European continent and, most of all, with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
We may certainly point out that Romanian – Chinese relations follow a positive track and are under permanent development, in the interest of our countries and nations.
In the name of the House of Romanian – Chinese Friendship, I would like to express congratulations and wishes of prosperity to all our Chinese friends.

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