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April 14, 2021

Iohannis to the UN General Assembly: Without adequate solutions, each wave of migration will be bigger than the previous one

Addressing the UN Summit for the adoption of the new UN Agenda: “Transforming our world: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis warned on Sunday about the “humanitarian disaster” and the complexity of the refugee crisis and said that without adequate solutions, each wave of migration will be bigger than the previous one.
“As we could see in the last months, hundreds of thousands of people fleeing war and searching for a better life have crossed into Europe, often by risky means. This ever-increasing influx of migrants from the Middle East and Africa has left the European countries struggling to cope with a growing humanitarian disaster,” Iohannis stressed in his address to the UN Sustainable Development Summit on Sunday.
“We are confronted with a complex crisis. There are humanitarian aspects, a border protection crisis, an integration crisis and a financial crisis. If we do not find the most adequate means to address each of them, each wave of migration will be bigger than the previous one. Every nation has an obligation to rescue people, to support and protect them,” he added.
President Iohannis also promised that Romania will review its sustainable development strategy to make the support for disabled individuals, youth and women a fundament of its policies.
“The new Agenda aims to eradicate poverty in all its forms and to achieve sustainable development in its three dimensions in a balanced and integrated manner. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets confirm the comprehensiveness of our Agenda. The work ahead of us in the next 15 years will demonstrate that we, all the UN Member States, are fully committed to the achievement of the ambitious and noble aspiration to free people from the scourge of poverty,” he asserted.

“It is our common duty to identify the proper solutions for that in a time when science and technology are fully-fledged assets with an outstanding potential for the promotion of economic growth. We should be aware that the measures aiming at eradicating poverty are not only a moral commitment but means for promoting international peace and security.”.

“Social exclusion is identified as a major challenge to the implementation of the sustainable development goals. The reviewed strategy of Romania will stress the support to inclusion of disabled individuals, youth and women in the development policies. The eradication of poverty calls for decent employment opportunities, and the prevention of social exclusion requires social cohesion policies,” the President declared.

Romania, ready to review and implement the relevant UN agenda

He emphasized Romania’s readiness to participate in the review and monitoring of the implementation of the relevant UN agenda, to “share its experience to other UN member state and to learn from the lessons and positive lessons of this process.”

“Our effort over the next 15 years will prove that we, all the UN member states, have firmly committed to fulfil the ambitious and noble aspiration of freeing the mankind of the scourge of poverty,” Iohannis said. He pointed out that measures against poverty are not merely a moral commitment, but also means to promote peace and international security.

All countries should make sure they have adequate policies prepared for the implementation of UN’s Agenda, the President added.

“The countries must promote effective, inclusive institutions and set up policies based on the rule of law, on women’s rights, on gender equality and the empowerment of women. The national property rights and the responsibility are essential for the implementation of this Agenda. (…) Each country is the main responsible for its own development,” Iohannis continued; he mentioned that Romania fully supports the implementation of the Agenda by local institutions.

Iohannis asserted that the conflict roots should be addressed, including poverty: “Poverty can lead to despair and frustration, which could turn into a seed of extremism and violence. Also, peace and security – either at international or national level – are major prerequisites for sustainable development.”

“All countries should ensure that appropriate policies are in place for implementing the Agenda. Countries should promote effective and inclusive institutions and create policies based on the rule of law, human rights, the rights of women, gender equality and empowerment of women,” Romania’s President urged.

“We fully support the idea that the new Agenda should be implemented by local institutions, responding directly to citizens’ needs. Their needs, interests and concerns must be clearly addressed when local and national development strategies are defined, “ he concluded.

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