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June 18, 2021

Iohannis’s former adviser, indicted in a money laundering case

Former presidential adviser George Scutaru and PNL Lower Chamber lawmaker Dan Motreanu have been arraigned by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) for money laundering.
“DNA prosecutors have ruled the arraignment, under conditional bail, of defendant Scutaru George-Adrian, Lower Chamber lawmaker and holder of a position of leadership within a political party at the time the crimes were committed, accused of money laundering, defendant Motreanu Dan Stefan, Lower Chamber lawmaker and holder of a position of leadership within a political party both presently and at the time, accused of money laundering, and Schaer Ana Maria, manager of a commercial company, accused of money laundering,” the prosecutors’ indictment reads.
“Of the EUR 700,000, money actually received by the denouncer, EUR 170,000 was remitted to defendant Scutaru George-Adrian and EUR 250,000 to defendant Motreanu Dan Stefan, in line with a prior agreement. Both sums were offered for the same purpose, namely for the financing of the 2008 elections campaign (local and general elections) of the candidates of the party the two aforementioned defendants are members of,” the prosecutors write in their indictment.
The case has been sent to the High Court of Justice with the proposal to uphold the preventive measures and distraint ruled in it.

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