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January 28, 2021

Bucharest Tribunal extends by 30 days pre-trial detention of former Mayor Oprescu

The Bucharest Tribunal on Wednesday sustained a request by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) to extend by 30 days the pre-trial detention of suspended Bucharest General Mayor Sorin Oprescu in connection with a bribe-taking case.

The decision is not final, and Sorin Oprescu may challenge it.
Another meeting was held at the Appeal Court, where Sorin Oprescu had asked for the replacement of preventive arrest with a less harsh measure.

Sorin Oprescu was visited by his girlfriend on Wednesday morning; she brought him food, water and clothes. According to lawyer Viorel Mocanu, Sorin Oprescu is in a “positive state” as he “wants to face the Court, to fight with legal weapons and to prove he is not guilty.”

“We will present medical reasons, such as his overall condition and the incidents he had experienced throughout this week.

The doctors did not establish he was feeling well, they merely established that no heart surgery was needed, and heart surgery would have meant in this case placing a bypass on his heart. We are talking about the stents Sorin Oprescu has, which were cleaned up as a result of the surgical intervention that occurred two days ago.

“Sorin Oprescu is in a positive state. He wanted to be removed from the hospital. He wants to face the court. He wants to fight with legal weapons and to prove his innocence,” lawyer Viorel Mocanu mentioned on Wednesday morning.

Concerning the plea made on Tuesday by the suspended Mayor of Bucharest, who asked not to be handcuffed during the transfer from the Central Arrest, Oprescu’s lawyer mentioned:

“It was an incident as the deputy officer of the Arrest Department insisted to handcuff Oprescu at all costs, although there was a surgical intervention on his right hand. He repeated the fact there was a possibility that the surgery on his hand might reopen and, therefore, he wished to be transported and escorted without handcuffs. He refused. It is what I have heard, as I did not personally witness the moment, that Oprescu must be filmed wearing handcuffs and this is how he intended to apply the law”, Oprescu’s lawyer added.

Sorin Oprescu was removed from hospital on Tuesday afternoon and carried back to the arrest. The medical commission of the University Hospital, where the Mayor was arrested for three days, established that Oprescu was in a good state of health and that he may be transferred back to the arrest.

The doctor’s conclusion, after examining the Mayor, was that he could tolerate arrest conditions and that he may be transferred back.

Sorin Oprescu was rushed to the hospital on Monday evening, after he complained he was feeling bad at the Bucharest Police Arrest Department. He underwent a coronary exam. No severe health issues were found after the exam, that would require keeping him in hospital.

The ex-Mayor of Bucharest, placed under preventive arrest for 30 days, is attempting in any way to get an easier punishment, such as house arrest. Sorin Oprescu hopes that judges would consider he could be kept in house arrest or on probation.

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