Romanian universities open gates to students

The new 2015 – 2016 academic year opened on 1 October in Romanian universities.
Attending the academic year opening at the ‘Constantin Brancusi’ University in Targu Jiu, Prime-Minister Victor Ponta said the students and professors should adjust to new teaching and learning methods, as that would give them equal opportunities to those of any student in a prestigious university in the world. The head of the Government said that, as long as education was a mere object of political dispute, the system of education in Romania would not be able to make headway and stressed that the National Education Law should be drafted by professionals.
“It is very difficult to be in such a strong competition as competition in the university area is, a competition that is increasingly open, not only among the universities of Romania and a 23rd position [in the World University Ranking] is a commending place for the conditions you had; competition is already European, global, it is very tough to stand up and there is only one chance: the new technology, the new teaching and learning methods which provide the same equal opportunity to a student from Targu-Jiu as to one from London or New Delhi, on one condition, that you are among the first ones to adapt to the modern education, teaching, learning methods, to adapt to what education in the 21st century means, while at the same time preserving identity elements. (…) The world is changing and we cannot stand still; as long as education is merely an object of political dispute, it will certainly not progress; perhaps we manage to let professionals draw up the national education law and think about the purpose of education (…) ” Ponta said.

Education minister: ‘Romanian students to qualify for special loans as from 2016 academic year’

Education Minister Sorin Campeanu, attended the ceremony at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. On the occasion, he said that students would benefit from loans through the Student Lending Agency beginning with the following academic year.
” As far as the Student Loan Agency is concerned, we are considering a 50-million-euro project for seven years, meaning 7 million euros a year. That means we could extend student loans of an average 10,000 euros to 700 students. The first prerequisite is studying in Romania. Included in the project is the repayment of loans plus a period of grace and special interest rates. The students will be able to take out such loans starting with the next academic year,” the minister told.
As far as social scholarships are concerned, Cimpeanu said they should increase in size and number so that they may cover accommodation and food costs.
Talking about drawing foreign students to Romanian universities, Cimpeanu mentioned that the number of foreign students at Romanian universities is small when compared with other countries with a similar educational system. Afterwards, Minister Campeanu and the Minister of Defence, Mircea Dusa, participated in the festivities organised by the ‘Lucian Blaga’ University and the ‘Nicolae Balcescu’ Land Force Academy in the Grand Square.

Bogdan Aurescu: Our country needs elites

Romania’s Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu on Thursday said in a speech to the opening of the 2015-2106 academic year at the Bucharest Faculty of Law that the people who say being a technocrat is a minus are not serious, arguing that the technocrats are skilled professionals and Romania needs such people.
“Being a technocrat and professional means being skilled at what you do, know how to solve problems and move the country forward. Romania needs elites, hardworking and serious people that will carry through the projects they start so that they may leave behind something sustainable. In the end we are what we do and the durable things we leave behind – a trial we win, a treaty we have negotiated well, a fair court ruling, a well-made contract,” Aurescu
He added that valuable young people, “who believe in excellence” should be encouraged to embark on a diplomatic career, saying that he was glad to see a rising interest in the field lately.

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