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September 28, 2021

Social Democrat Party validates only Dragnea’s candidacy in chairmanship race

The National Executive Committee (CExN) of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) validated only one candidacy for the party’s chairmanship, namely that of the current interim chair, Liviu Dragnea; it found on Wednesday that the other two candidates, Senators Serban Nicolae and Daniel Savu do not meet the regulation on the organization of internal elections.

Dragnea announced the decision himself after the CExN meeting.

“The Central Election Commission presented the report on the analysis of the submitted candidacies. Mr. Serban Nicolae and Mr. Daniel Savu were invited to present their viewpoints, their motivations, their arguments; there also were colleagues who had interventions. In the end, the committee’s proposal was voted, because practically the regulation’s amendment was asked for. They didn’t agree with amending the regulation.] Victor Ponta and I have voted further against the regulation, and in exchange the vote decided that the two candidacies are not accepted,” Dragnea said at the end of the CExN of the PSD meeting.

He added that he remained the only candidate “unfortunately,” because he would have liked a competition and because he has never run alone for a position.

Asked whether after the October 11 elections he would propose a leading team to work with, Dragnea said he won’t.

“After October 11, I’ll make some propositions. Not a closed list or a closed team, but I would like some principles to be considered by the delegates to the Congress, yet just suggestions. I don’t find it fair to set up a team, so that nobody could have another point of view,” Dragnea concluded.

Social-Democrats meet to finalise list of candidates for party presidency

The National Executive Committee (CExN) of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) assembled in meeting Wednesday afternoon in order to finalise the list of candidates for party president. Liviu Dragnea, Serban Nicolae and Daniel Savu have submitted their candidacies, but the PSD electoral commission decided, on Tuesday, that the last two had incomplete files, and did not fulfil the Statute criteria regarding the number of organisations that should support their candidacies, respectively.

Senators Serban Nicolae and Daniel Savu went to the CExN meeting that was discussing the validation of candidacies in the internal party election, on Wednesday. Serban Nicolae said he hoped the leaders of the party would approve the two incomplete files in order for them to be able to run.
Asked if, following the CExN meeting, he was still a candidate for president of PSD, Serban Nicolae said he thought he was.
‘This is why I’m here, I asked to be present during this meeting in order to raise some facts. They were actually repeated by Ion Iliescu and Adrian Nastase, both heavy figures who once headed this party. (…) It’s a natural collegiate debate. I am not playing away on hostile field. I hope this candidacy is accepted and I hope Daniel Savu’s is also accepted’, he said.

Daniel Savu, in turn, was saying the other day that he hoped for a solution during the CExN meeting.
In order to be able to run for president of PSD, a member must have the support of five organisations – his/her own plus four.

PSD’s interim President Liviu Dragnea said on Tuesday that ‘as far as he knew’, he only had two challengers in the internal election on 11 October – Serban Nicolae and Daniel Savu – and that he hoped they would have complete files and be able to run, but stressed he had not asked for extra information.
The PSD leader was asked if he had been ‘curious’ enough to ask who the opponents were and he answered that he had not talked to the members of the PSD electoral commission.

‘I have not been curious, because I understood, but I have not talked to the members of the commission, that two more candidacies had been submitted, the one of Mr. Serban Nicolae and of Mr. Daniel Savu. (…) I don’t know what’s in their files, I hope they fulfil all requirements, because a competition is very good’, Dragnea said.
Serban Nicolae said he had the support of his own local organisation, but the Drobeta Turnu Severin organisation has said they were not supporting Senator Nicolae for president, informing what he had claimed on Tuesday.

‘Unfortunately, Mr. Serban Nicolae has chosen the wrong way to launch his candidacy, misleading the public by saying he had the support of the Municipal Organisation of PSD Drobeta Turnu Severin, which is totally false’, PSD Drobeta Turnu Severin notes in a release.

Daniel Savu only had the support of PSD Prahova. Liviu Dragnea was supported by 30 county organisations, as well by Victor Ponta.

Given the fact that only Liviu Dragnea is supported by a minimum of five county organisations, criteria that are not in the Statute, but were adopted by CExN, Daniel Savu and Serban Nicolae might be removed from the internal competition.

Liviu Dragnea said on Tuesday that the CExN might also adopt a few guidelines for amending the Statute of PSD.
‘On the CExN agenda there will be the approval of the Congress representation quota – how many representatives per organisation – a few guidelines for amending the Statute, with the CExN of 12 October to approve the final form of the Statute, the validation or invalidation of candidacies and other matters regarding the organisation of the event on 11 October and the congress’, Dragnea said.

PSD key-people remove Savu and Nicolae from the game. ‘There is no one to beat Dragnea in PSD’

Two of the PSD vice-presidents said before the National Executive Committee on Wednesday, where the final candidacies for president of PSD are to be established, that they disapproved of the derogation to allow Savu and Nicolae’s candidacies.

According to stiripesurse.ro, Lia Olguta Vasilescu and Marian Oprisan said everyone should be ‘serious’ and realise that there is no one ‘to beat’ Dragnea in the PSD election and that Savu and Nicolae ought to be talking less on TV and more in the party.

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