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February 8, 2023

Continental Tires Timisoara – 15 years of activity in Romania

Continental Tires Timisoara, the first and biggest investment of Continental in Romania, was set up in 1998 as a greenfield project. In 2000 the plant was officially inaugurated and the serial production started. Equipped with state of the art technology, the tire plant of Continental in Timisoara activates complying with all environment regulations, aligning permanently its production, quality and performances at the international safety requirements.
Having started with only 200 people, the company created over 2,300 working places and produced, over the past 15 years, more than 160 million tires. The strategy was clear: state-of-the-art technology to help Continental produce the entire range of tires for automobiles, from regular, to ultra-high performance, training sessions for the employees, to teach them how to operate the new technology and a solid investment program in environment protection and community engagements projects. Currently, the company produces a wide range of products, from 13 inches to 20 inches, including a version of innovative tires for electric vehicles, as well as tires for light commercial vehicles (VAN).
Continental Tires had a constant evolution when it started the production in Timisoara. First, the company had a couple of production lines, supplying about one million tires per year, then it evolved into an integrated unit, with its own master batch integrated into the mixing area, thus securing the raw materials it needs. Along with the vertical integration, Continental Tires Timisoara focused on improving the production mix, evolving to ultra high performance ones, and signing partnerships with companies such as Dacia, Renault, Ford and Jaguar.
Thanks to its strategic position in the region, Continental Tires Timisoara is able to supply its products worldwide, Romanian tires being shipped from the East-European Tires Distribution Center based in Romania to customers within the European Union and beyond.
While developing a wide range of products, the company also invested over the years constantly in environment protection technology, thus fully complying with the legal requirements applicable in this field. The latest project in this area, a first for a tire plant, aims at eliminating the smell perception specific to tire production. The pilot program consists of two technical solutions. The operational principle of the first technical solution, called Cold Plasma technology, is focused on neutralizing the unpleasant smelling molecules with the help of active oxygen. The second technology, called Regenerative Thermal Oxidation, is a high temperature oxidizer that will neutralize the volatile compounds and, as an added benefit, could also reduce the smell.
As part of its long-term development strategy, Continental also focuses on preparing new engineers and workers, starting from highschool, up to the University. The company has partnerships in Timisoara for preparing the students, training them and offering them the possibility to start and develop a career with an international tire manufacturer.

Continental Tires Timisoara-key figures

*15 years of presence in Romania

* over EUR 370 million investment

*2,300 employees

Continental Corporation in Romania-key figures

*One billion euro investments

* 15,000 employees at the end of 2014

* All five divisions of the corporation represented in Romania

*Seven production units and three research and development centres in Timisoara, Sibiu, Carei, Nadab, Brasov and Iasi

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