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January 17, 2022

National Day of Germany, celebrated on the “Avram Iancu” International Airport in Cluj-Napoca

The competition for attracting tourists creates various initiatives. In order to grab the potential traveler’s attention for new destinations, sometimes, an image and an inspired text might be pretty convincing.
The international airport in Cluj-Napoca decided not to leave touristic promotion to others. Therefore, inside the building, there are already advertising boards with images of the cities of destination of departing flights. Although they are not placed precisely in the most circulated area of the airport, between the arrival terminals are departure terminals, and are slightly likely to meet the eyes of the people who stay there, waiting to get on board, these ads still cat away the specific monotony of the place.
The space thus achieved the specific atmosphere of touristic publicity, with photographs that might give some people ideas of future flights. And recently, the representatives of the “Avram Iancu” airport thought to add in a little bit of additional colour to an offer that tends to diversify. By the project “Fly&Share Cluj”, they are trying to develop institutional collaborations destined to increase the number of routes. Thus, they decided to mark by small events – special panels, sharing little flags to travelers, a few touristic photographs on their web page – the national days of the countries aimed by their marketing strategies. There is nothing spectacular, it is more like an opportunity to meet foreign authorities interested in developing relations with Cluj-Napoca.
The most recent event destined to celebrate a country targeted Germany. On that occasion, there was a little ceremony in a hall of the airport, attended by Ms. Judith Urban, German consul to Sibiu. The event hosted on Tuesday by the “Avram Iancu” International Airport was attended by representatives of the German academic, cultural and business circles in Cluj-Napoca, as well as representatives of institutions that partnered the airport in this campaign. Ms. Consul saluted the initiative by Cluj-Napoca International Airport to create such campaign, and presented her message in the context of the German Unity Day being celebrated on October 3, 2015.
The project “Fly & Share Cluj”, initiated by the airport on June 15, 2015, thus reaches a new level by joining the Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sibiu, in organizing together these actions determined to promote economical, cultural and touristic relations of Transylvania region and Germany.
Germany enjoys, besides Italy and Spain, the most diversified network of flights from Cluj-Napoca.
At this time, there are four cities Cluj-Napoca is aerially connected to: Dortmund, Cologne, Nurnberg and Munich. The first three flights are operated by the low cost company Wizz Air, and the last by Lufthansa. They are successful destination, with a rate of filled seats that is frequently over 80 per cent, especially during summer. Although it is not low cost, the flight to Munich is the bestseller, as it serves most travelers interested in an ideal point of transit to other destinations, especially ones over the Atlantic.
Wizz Air also counts on the capital of Bavaria, and, therefore, next March, it plans to open the flight Cluj-Memmingen, a city located at approximately 100 kilometres west of Munich.
The General Manager of the “Avram Iancu” International Airport in Cluj-Napoca declared: “We are happy to be here today, besides our German partners and other friends, to celebrate the National Day of Germany. In the context of aerial flights, the Campaign “Fly&Share Cluj – Guten tag, Germany!” represents a unique opportunity to grant attention to the importance of economical, cultural and touristic relations of Cluj County and Germany and to promote the four German destinations available from Cluj-Napoca Airport, as well as the newly announced route, Munich -Memmingen, available in March 2016.”
The campaign supports the expansion and development of the route network, and the marketing efforts of the airport are focused on identifying yet unexploited market potential, under the circumstances that the Cluj International Airport is the second biggest airport in Romania. At the time being, there are 23 regular destinations operated by the airport, to 11 countries.

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