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March 6, 2021

Prof. Dr. Jörg Menzer, Managing Partner of Noerr Romania: “We are using our strengths to sustain a regional approach that will surely consolidate our performance”

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Mr. Menzer, you have been leading Noerr’s office in Romania and other CEE offices for many years already. How would you assess all this time from the point of view of goals assumed and achieved?

It’s been fourteen years in Romania already, and it was a quite a challenge. Looking back, I have the feeling that our law firm took the right strategic decisions and we have accomplished a lot from the assumed goals. For instance, building up a young, highly skilled and competitive team in the CEE region. Or keeping our traditional clients while being able to win new ones on our side. We succeeded in that. What we are still working on is to fully internalize the awareness that just being a good legal advisor isn’t enough. The legal work goes hand in hand with tailored services for our clients, with developing strategies and solutions together with them.

What do you intend to do further to consolidate Noerr Romania’s good performance and prestige on the market?

One aspect of consolidation – not only for Romania, but for all our offices in CEE – is to think, work and grow regionally. Thinking and acting only locally is not an option for us, as it isn’t for many companies in the European Union. So we are using our strengths to sustain a regional approach that will surely consolidate our performance. Another aspect is, of course, to go out and connect with the market, as well show presence in the public space. So, thank you for the invitation to this interview.

Noerr Romania has a very rich and diversified portfolio regarding the areas of practice. What are the strengths of this company in an extremely competitive law market and business environment?

Thank you for acknowledging this. Receiving excellent advisory services for complex market issues from one source, or as the Germans say it – “aus einer Hand.” This is what we promise, because this is our main strength. On top of that, we are able to find cross-border solutions and shall focus on this in the years to come.

How much do local operations contribute to the financial consolidation of the whole group?

Divulging confidential information is not mentioned in my job description, so I am sure you understand that I can’t give you any figures. But, it’s quite a big part of our business. Not only foreign investors come to us for advice, but a growing number of local entrepreneurs trust us. It’s one development that I am really glad about.

How would you characterize Noerr’s team in Romania in three words?

The Noerr claim says it best in these three words: excellence creating value.

As an important representative and trustful voice of the German business community, what is Noerr Romania’s message to the companies interested to invest here from the point of view of fiscal stability and predictability?

We say: Romania has political and economic stability, good macroeconomic indicators, a large domestic market with important growth potential and a clear commitment in fighting corruption. Undoubtedly, Romania has made great progress in the past years. Despite this, approximately 200 changes of the Tax Code occurred in the past 10 years, and this is not something to ignore.

What is your message for the German Unity Day , October 3 ?

Unity, justice, and freedom – mentioned in the national anthem of Germany – are values that we share with our Romanian partners. On this day, let’s celebrate them together!

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