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December 1, 2021

Traian Basescu about Victor Ponta: ‘He is blackmailing the president to appoint someone from PSD. Gross blackmail’

Romania’s ex-president Traian Basescu believes that Victor Ponta has absolutely no chance to get back the presidency of his party, PSD. More than that, the former head of state thinks the premier and Liviu Dragnea honestly hate one another but, being hypocritical, they ‘lie and kiss each other’.
‘I think they honestly hate one another but, with the hypocrisy of the old school Socialists, they are able to lie without limitation and kiss each other. They are up for kissing each other on the mouth although they sincerely hate one another. Dragnea would like to be prime-minister, and I know he will try that game. They are blackmailing the president to appoint someone from PSD. Gross blackmail’, Basescu said on Adevarul Live on Thursday.
The former president said what he would have done if the prime-minister had been prosecuted and brought to trial for corruption during his term. ‘They are blackmailing the president to appoint someone from PSD. Gross blackmail. I believe the president is wrong. Seeing this majority is cast in concrete, he should have realised PNL simply cannot take over the government. I would invite them to Cotroceni. I would leave Victor Ponta, Dragnea and the general in offside. The step to be taken at this point is to invite the coalition to Cotroceni. I would say to them: we all agree that Romania suffers with a prime-minister on trial. Make me a proposal for a new prime-minister and I will sign the decree’, Basescu said.

Compromise, yes, but not with PSD or UNPR

The former president is planning on joining the People’s Movement Party (PMP) by 10 October ‘to build a new party’.
‘I will join PMP by 10 October. My objective is to build a new party that was not involved in compromises. This is why I am reticent to taking the top position. We will need to find a way. I want to share my entire experience with this party. There will also be a congress before. I have not decided to become the leader of PMP’, Basescu said. He added that he was up for compromise, but that he excluded an alliance with PSD ‘regardless of who the PSD leader is’.
Basescu doesn’t seem willing to ally himself with the party of Deputy PM Gabriel Oprea either. ‘UNPR is a party of blackmailers’, he said.
Regarding his possible candidacy for mayor of Bucharest, an office he used to hold, Basescu said he didn’t know the circumstances in which ‘Udrea suggested such possibility’. ‘We are hardly building a party. We will see…’ he said and alluded that the possibility was quite slim. ‘A former president of the country joining a local competition…’ said the ex-president.

‘I like Muslims at their home’

As for the refugee crisis, the ex-president finds it a very serious situation that a state cannot protect its borders and that the manner in which so many illegal immigrants were let into Europe was desolating.

‘No one says the Army should be sent over. I mean Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia. I’m not saying they should have opened fire. How many entry points did they have: Spain, Italy, Greece. No one moves on before we check who you are. You will go back to where you came from if you do not qualify for asylum. The manner in which they were allowed to move through the EU territory is desolating and Romania has no reason to take this responsibility because it was not Romania who invited them’, stressed the former president. Basescu also says he sees no way for the immigrants to be integrated in Europe. He claims not to be an Islamophobic, but he likes Muslims at their home.
‘I am not an Islamophobic. I like Muslims at their home, but I cannot see how they could be integrated in Europe. Muslims should go home. Some said I played a political game. Totally false. Romania’s correct choice is the zero choice: no refugee accepted. (…) I heard Hollande say any country not accepting the quotas would leave the EU. I saw the statement by Austria’s chancellor: no quotas, no money. I have heard of no reaction to what the Austrian chancellor said. Very well: you stop contributing to the cohesion funds. Out with the whole OMV management! I would have reprimanded such statements, because no one may remove a member state from the EU’, Traian Basescu said.
The former president also spoke about the unemployment, which will deepen with the integration of clandestine immigrants into the job market.
‘There are 23 million unemployed in the EU. Where will a relatively poorly qualified labour force, where just 5% have higher education, will go? Instead of making an effort and give jobs to 23 million people, with growing unemployment compared to 2010’, was Traian Basescu’s conclusion.

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