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April 11, 2021

Will Victor Ponta be removed after the PSD congress?

Right after Liviu Dragnea’s sure installation at the top of his party, the Social-Democrats are believed to also remove Victor Ponta from the Victoria Palace, political sources quoted by Digi24 TV say.
According to Digi24, Dragnea has already been firmly reassured by Cotroceni that the president would agree to a new prime-minister proposed by the ruling coalition.
According to the quoted sources, after the PSD congress there might be a debate among the PSD leaders and Klaus Iohannis on this topic.
The Social-Democrats do have a name, but they are waiting for a guarantee and a public signal from the president.
It is still to be seen if Iohannis will invite the parties over for talks.
Another scenario presents Gabriel Oprea at the helm of the Executive, but Liviu Dragnea has said he would not have him as prime-minister, as it should be someone from PSD.

Despite being a fan of competition, Dragnea remains the only candidate for PSD president

The leaders of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) who had the meeting of the National Executive Committee (CExN) on Wednesday, opposed any derogation for Serban Nicolae and Daniel Savu so that they could run, although Liviu Dragnea had said he wanted competition in the party and that he disliked unanimities.
After the declination of the request for a derogation, Liviu Dragnea said he would have liked to have competition. Serban Nicolae, on the other hand, said he was left with ‘a sour taste’ by his colleagues’ decision.
Liviu Dragnea thus becomes the only candidate for president of PSD, with a complete file that includes the support of his own organisation plus four other branches.
Liviu Dragnea said that, ‘unfortunately’, he ended up as the only candidate for president of PSD, although he would have liked to have competition, but that did not happen as only he and Victor Ponta had voted for the necessary derogations for other candidacies to be accepted.
‘They were asking for changes on the Regulation. They did not agree. I, Victor Ponta, Dumitru Buzatu not being present, continued to vote against the Regulation, we stood by our initial position. On the other hand, the vote decided that the two candidacies were not accepted. (…) I would have liked to have competition, I have never been the only candidate for a position, I think it would have been better’, Dragnea said.
He said that, under the conditions, ‘unfortunately’ he was the only candidate. ‘For the rest, none of the colleagues wanted to drop the agreed criteria’, said the leader of PSD, commenting on the rejection of the derogation for Serban Nicolae and Daniel Savu.

Asked if it was difficult for any other leader than himself to obtain the support of several organisations in PSD, Liviu Dragnea said the problem was that those Social-Democrats who could have obtained the necessary support had not joined the race. ‘There are many colleagues in the party who could have obtained the endorsement of several organisations, not just 4 or 5. I cannot know why they did not enrol, however I would have liked to see a competition’, Dragnea noted and added that he was sorry about the situation.

Şerban Nicolae, after CExN: I was left with a sour taste, even Dragnea seemed to want competitors

PSD Senator Serban Nicolae said on Wednesday, after the declination of his request for a derogation in order to be able to run for president of the party with an incomplete application file, that the decision of his colleagues had left him with ‘a sour taste’, since Liviu Dragnea himself had seemed to want ‘competition’ in the internal race. Serban Nicolae said he would ‘definitely’ obey the party decision.
‘Anyone who may think that, after 25 years, I would make a sudden gesture against my party is wrong. It’s true I was left with a sour taste because I stand by my opinion that there would have been things to discuss and analyse. Mr. Dragnea himself gave me the impression that he would have liked to have a competition and several competitors. He did not succeed in being convincing enough. From this point of view, we are in the same situation’, said the senator. He added that there had been voices in PSD asking for different conditions for the organisation of the internal election.

Nonetheless, the senator says he would make no reproach to the party. ‘We are moving on’, he said. Asked if he would vote for Liviu Dragnea, since he was the sole candidate, Serban Nicolae said that, even under the current conditions, there were ‘several options’, but he refused to say how he would vote.

‘I don’t believe it to be a very convincing situation to realise that, in a party with half a million members, only one person is able to fulfil these criteria’, Senator Serban Nicolae said. He noted that he would not run for any other positions during the congress.

Daniel Savu, after his candidacy was rejected: I will be better prepared for the next congress

PSD Senator Daniel Savu said on Wednesday, after the PSD National Executive Committee had decided not to allow derogations for the candidates with incomplete applications, that he would be better prepared ahead of the following congress of the party and that, for the time being, he would focus on winning the Ploiesti mayoral office for PSD.
‘The vote was for a full observance of the regulation. The fact that I have only managed to obtain a recommendation from the Prahova organisation led to the elimination of my candidacy. I understand that I will need to be better prepared for the new congress. I will be better prepared for the next congress, I know what needs to be done’, Daniel Savu said.
The senator said his objective for the moment was to run for mayor of Ploiesti, an office he hopes to win for PSD.
Moreover, Daniel Savu said that, with just one candidate in the race, Liviu Dragnea, he would support him in the internal election and would not annul his vote.

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