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September 24, 2021

President Iohannis, PM Ponta congratulate Germany on Unity Day

President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Victor Ponta congratulated the German people on Saturday on the German Unity Day.

“On the occasion of the German Unity Day, on behalf of Romania and my personally I congratulate the German people and send it good wishes. Romania and Germany are two friendly and partner states. We wish to have a common road by the side of this top global player, to the benefit of both countries and of the European construction, but mostly to the benefit of our citizens”, Iohannis wrote on his Facebook page.

“Happy anniversary to Germany and the German people on the celebration of the National Day – the German Unity Day, a celebration with European spirit marking the reunification from 1990”, the prime minister wrote on Facebook.

2015, a special year in the bilateral dialogue between Bucharest and Berlin.The pulse of the German-Romanian relations evinced by official statements

2015, the year when Germany and Romania have celebrated 135 years of diplomatic relations, has been marked by two notable events in the political diplomatic bilateral dialogue between Berlin and Bucharest high-officials.
Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis paid a state visit to Germany in February when he had a very fruitful, open and warmly dialogue with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and with the President Joachim Gauck.
Shortly, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier made an official visit to Bucharest upon the invitation of his Romanian counterpart. Bogdan Aurescu.
Both these occasions, along other meetings held between the authorities of both countries in the sidelines of important European and international events, have evinced the special and strong partnership linking Romania and Germany. Germany is not just the main economic partner of Romania, but also one of the most important dialogue partners inside the EU. The two countries share common concerns for stability and security in the current European geopolitical context. A selection of the most important statements made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis during the joint press conference held in Berlin, this February, underlining the current pulse of the bilateral relations, can be read below:

Chancellor Angela Merkel:

“President Iohannis’ visit is a big joy for us. We watched the presidential campaigning in Romania and we can say that here in Germany we were glad about the victory of Klaus Iohannis because he is a representative of the German minority; what matters is that a majority of Romanians voted him for president”.

“We are very close culturally and economically. We are trade partners. Germany is an important force in Romania”.

“We are very close economic partners, with a bilateral trade in excess of 20 billion euros. Germany is a big investor in Romania and we want to further the existing cooperation. At the same time, we cooperate inside NATO and will continue to do so”.

“We can achieve many changes in two directions; on the one hand, in the direction of cooperation on European issues, the European foreign policy, and the neighbours of Romania, which are of a strategic significance currently, the Western Balkans, Moldova and Ukraine.”

“The European Union has noticed the existence of remarkable progress and I believe Romania will continue on the same path”.

“We talked about rule of law, combating corruption, about the fact that Romania wants to become a member of the Schengen Area. We also talked about several economic issues – the use of European funds, the use of the possibility of improving living standards.”

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis:

“I am very pleased with the talks. We reviewed the evolution of bilateral relations from an economic, cultural and political standpoint.”

“Germany is not just our main economic partner, but also one of our most important dialogue partners inside the European Union, but also at international level.”

On the same occasion, he mentioned that he was satisfied to see that the development of trade exchanges between the two countries still follows an upward trend.

“I appreciate the presence in Romania of important German investors, with our country being of course interested to attract an even larger number of German companies”.

‘I evoked the diversity of sectorial development opportunities and common interests and partnership projects. We are especially interested in Germany becoming our partner in identifying those new development niches that may generate competitive advantages and that may individualize Romania in the European economic picture of 2020. Both Mrs. Chancellor and I emphasized the importance of the existing bridge that was naturally created between the German communities in Romania and the Romanian communities in Germany. We believe them to be factors contributing to the strengthening of the Romanian-German cooperation and a model of approach in true European spirit”.

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