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December 5, 2020

PSD’s Dragnea says wants to make up team with Zgonea as party executive president

Interim Social Democrat Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea said after a county conference electing the party’s leaders of Bistrita-Nasaud branch late on Friday that he wanted the future leading team of the PSD to include the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Valeriu Zgonea as executive president and “at least three or four vice presidents from Transylvania and Banat”.

“I said I want to make up team with Valeriu Zgonea for executive president in the same manner that I made a team with Victor Ponta in the party, and that I am making now a team with Victor Ponta as a prime minister. /…/ I think it is only fair, natural and efficient that the new leading team includes at least three or four vice presidents from Transylvania and Banat, people who should be backed and respected in their communities, people who should help us and whom we should help find the correct way of communicating with the citizens in Transylvania, who should help us understand what our mistakes were as regards the relation with the citizens in Transylvania. It is very important”, Dragnea said.

The Social Democrat interim chief, who runs for the party top position at the Congress next weekend, underscored he wanted the PSD “Cluj group” to be re-started, so the party might get more votes in Transylvania.

“It is about a complex project of the PSD, that should be taken upon ourselves for Transylvania, but it is also about a project that should very much take into account the human and communication side between the party and the citizens in Transylvania. For the PSD, Transylvania is an open wound and it is the PSD’s fault, it is not the fault of the citizens here and not even the fault of the organisations here. It is a common fault, because we haven’t succeeded so far in finding the way to show these people the way we really are”, he underscored, according to Agerpres.

Party chairman election ballots printed

Liviu Dragnea announced in Iasi on Saturday that the ballots to be used at the October 11 elections for PSD chairman have been printed and dispatched to the county branches.

Dragnea explained that at least one polling station will be set up in each town and the voting will be held from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.

“The ballots have already been printed and distributed to the counties. It is about 530,840 members, to which add 10 percent ballot papers for safety, as in any elections. All the party members are waited for to cast a ballot. The party members who are not in their town of residence can vote only if they produce a certifying paper issued by the chairman of the county organisation they are part of; such paper shall remain attached to the concerned additional list”, he underscored.

The Social Democrats are to elect a chairman on October 11. Dragnea is running unopposed for the top position, after the party National Executive Committee rejected the candidacies of Daniel Savu and Serban Nicolae.

The ruling party will elect its leading team in an extraordinary Congress on October 18.

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