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PSD’s Liviu Dragnea : Decision on possible electoral alliances no later than 1 December

The interim President of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea declared on Friday evening, after the County Election Conference of PSD Bistrita-Nasaud that he wished his future management team to include the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, as Executive President, as well as “at least three or four Vice-Presidents from Transylvania and from Banat”.

Dragnea introduces his team, Zgonea, executive president of PSD

“I have said that I wanted to make a team with Valeriu Zgonea for the position of executive president, just like I have made a team with Victor Ponta in the party, and just like I am making a team now, with Victor Ponta as Prime Minister. (…) I think that it is correct, fair and efficient that the new leading team would include at least three or four Vice-Presidents from Transylvania and Banat, people who would be supported and respected in their communities, people who could help us find a proper way of communication with citizens in Transylvania, and who could help us understand what did we do wrong in relation to Transylvanian citizens. It is very important”, Liviu Dragnea declared.
Asked whether, by the offer he had made to Vasile Dancu, in Cluj, to get him increasingly involved in political activity, he actually intended to reactivate “the group in Cluj”, Liviu Dragnea replied that, in his opinion, the spirit of that group was needed, so that PSD would earn a higher number of votes in Transylvania.
“I do not know whether I truly want a reactivation of the group in Cluj. Actually, I really want (a reactivation, editor’s note) of what the Grup in Cluj had meant. We are talking about a complex project by PSD, that would be assumed for Transylvania, but also a project that would focus very much on the human side of the communication between the party and Transylvanian citizens.
For PSD, Transylvania is an open wound, and it is the fault of PSD actually, not of the citizens living here and not even that of local branches. It is a shared fault, because we have failed so far in finding a way to show these people how we really are. (…) I think that the spirit of the group in Cluj, if it may be reinvented by Vasile Dancu or by other colleagues, might be important, but it is more than that”, Dragnea declared.

Valeriu Zgonea confessed that he felt honoured by the proposition he had received from behalf of the interim leader of the party, Liviu Dragnea, to join the future leadership team of PSD in his position of executive president.

“The president of the party announced that he would introduce his team after October 11. It has been a surprise for me and also, it is an honour. We have a lot of work to do. Just think about the fact that the President of the party has been the Executive President by so many years and that the results are outstanding at the level of local administration and at the level of trust in the party. So, you have a very high-level target behind you, and this means a lot of hard work and determination”, Zgonea declared.

“Together (with Valeriu Zgonea – editor’s note) we build the new generation of PSD leaders for 2016”, Liviu Dragnea had declared on his turn, while visiting Bistrita.
Valeriu Zgonea also revealed the approximately 540 party members attending the Elections Conference of PSD Bistrita-Nasaud that it was not uncommon that Liviu Dragnea would become the new leader of PSD and made an appeal to solidarity.
“It is nothing uncommon about the fact that Liviu Dragnea will be the President of the party. It is bad for our political opponents because they know they will lose the elections. Yet, if we are not solidary, if we are not united, we might lose, we might see once again that somebody cancels our plans”, Zgonea declared.

An alliance with UNPR would be good

The interim President of PSD, Liviu Dragnea, said on Sunday that a decision on possible electoral alliances would be made by no later than 1 December. Moreover, the unique candidate for president of the Social-Democrats suggested that a surprise return was going to happen in PSD.
Liviu Dragnea noted that most of the members around the country believed that an alliance should be made with UNPR. ‘The possible alliances that we can set up we should establish by 1 December, no later than that date. We cannot push this beyond 1 December because we would need to set our candidates for every locality. I think we have enough time – a month, a month and a half should be enough’, said Dragnea.
‘UNPR’s position during this latest no-confidence vote counted a lot, as the opposition press had been saying for quite some time that UNP would definitely exit the ruling coalition and support the no-confidence vote. The fact that UNPR stood by us, resisting all those pressures and promises, counted a lot. Many colleagues in the country say that an alliance with UNPR would be good, a centre-left alliance that should be revived and made functional again’, Liviu Dragnea also said.

Dragnea, about accusations of having sponsored Basescu’s campaign: These are ridiculous, it is impossible

Interim President of PNL Liviu Dragnea had declared on Saturday that accusation regarding his alleged financial support provided to former President Traian Basescu’s electoral campaign are “ridiculous”, made by an “offender who is still uncaught”, and added that such thing was “impossible”. Moreover, Dragnea pointed out that he would insist on the idea of political dialogue instead of political war as, due to “breaking news kind of politics”, the country did not manage to develop in the last 25 years.
Liviu Dragnea declared in a press conference held in Poiana Stampei, in Suceava County, that these accusations cannot be believed by any “normal person in this country”, who would be aware of his relations with Traian Basescu and who did not forget his contribution to the referendum destined to dismiss the ex-President.
Dragnea claimed that on Wednesday evening, during a television talk show, he was subject to accusations from behalf of a person “with multiple issues”, whom he felt sorry for and who was well-known in Alexandria.
“The actual evil was not done by him, but by the person who used him”, Dragnea declared, referring to the declarations made by Romica Parpalea, his denouncer in the “Referendum Fraud” file, for Realitatea TV.
Later, Dragnea referred as well to the statements made on Thursday evening, at the same TV station, by the former Prefect of Teleorman, Teodor Nitulescu, whom he described as “an offender that is still uncaught.”
“It seems that he has multiple issues”, Dragnea declared, adding afterwards that “people in Teleorman do not pay any attention to him”, because they know him very well.
“The question is not why he had appeared on TV, because we all know why he did, it is why he is still free”, the PSD leader declared.
Dragnea denied having ever financed Traian Basescu’s electoral campaign in 2009.
“Finally, why the hell am I supposed to comment and to reply to such foolish accusations, regarding the statement that I sponsored Traian Basescu’s campaign. Such thing is impossible”, Liviu Dragnea pointed out.
The ex-Prefect of Teleorman Teodor Nitulescu, former leader of the PSD county branch, had declared on Thursday evening at Realitatea TV that Liviu Dragnea “has stolen over one billion Euro in the company Teldrum, which he privatized”. He also mentioned having known from Liviu Dragnea that he had used Teldrum money to sponsor Traian Basescu’s electoral campaign.

Basescu: Liviu Dragnea, a huge liar, a man you have to keep away from yourself

Traian Basescu had commented on Friday, at the headquarters of the Popular Movement Party (PMP), the declarations made by the ex-Prefect of Teleorman Teodor Nitulescu, by saying that Liviu Dragnea was “a huge liar”, “a man you have to keep away from yourself.”
“I can guarantee you that Nitulescu is a serious person, a man I have never identified as a liar. I understood that Nitulescu was provided this information by Dragnea. Dragnea is a huge liar. He intended to win Nitulescu over, as Nitulescu was prefect at that time, and lied to him pretending that he had supported my campaign (in the year 2009, editor’s note), Traian Basescu declared.
He mentioned having called both the treasurer of the former PDL and Vasile Blaga, who firmly denied the existence of a sponsorship from behalf of Liviu Dragnea for his electoral campaign. Furthermore, Traian Basescu launched a harsh attack against Liviu Dragnea, stating that “if he had the party in his hands, he would sell it for his own interests”.

Dragnea: I want political dialogue, not political war. I rose the olive branch and I wait for them to come to discussions

Interim leader of PSD Liviu Dragnea also declared on Saturday that he intended to insist on the idea of political dialogue, instead of political war, as, due to the “breaking news kind of politics”, the country failed to develop in the last 25 years, mentioning that he rose the olive oil and was awaiting dialogue, as he considered that a development program was needed for the next 10 – 20 years.
“25 years have passed since the Revolution and, due to the fact that politicians only focused on arguments, struggles and political wars, we do not have a highway to connect Moldova to Transylvania, Moldova to Wallachia, Wallachia and Oltenia to Transylvania and Moldova”, Dragnea declared.
Dragnea showed that it was possible to go on as before, with the breaking news kind of politics, with political war, but PSD wanted to avoid this trap from now on.
“It was an open trap, as the other people’s interest, represented by Traian Basescu, and I do not know who is representing them now, I hope that it is not Klaus Iohannis, was to create a permanent noise, to keep quarreling on TV, to tell everyone that politicians are all alike, because the only party who actually builds anything is PSD”, Dragnea stated.

“PSD will fulfill its mission, as party of construction and development”

He added that, if PSD fulfills their mission as party of construction and development, “the country will reap the benefits, as well”.
“I rose the olive oil. The table of dialogue is still waiting for them. Their chairs are empty. We are waiting for them to discuss the salary law, we are waiting for them to discuss the fate of TVR, the public acquisitions law and, most of all, the Plan of Development of this country for 10 – 20 years”, Liviu Dragnea declared.

Dragnea was gifted a pair of shoes by the President of PSD Suceava

Liviu Dragnea was also offered a gift grom behalf of President of PSD Suceava, Catalin Nechifor, a pair of shoes produced in Bukovine. Dragnea declared that he hoped they would last long and that he would wear them at the Congress of October 11, the Mediafax correspondent reported.
Catalin Nechifor told Liviu Dragnea that he had offered him this pair of shoes because “he had a long road to follow” and that his “journey was difficult”.
On his turn, Dragnea declared that he would wear the shoes “proudly” at the PSD Congress on October 11, adding that he hoped they would last long.
“I destroyed many pairs of shoes these years”, Liviu Dragnea declared, claiming that he was not ashamed and he did not need to hide this fact.
On the other hand, Liviu Dragnea appreciated the organization of the County Election Conference of PSD Suceava at Poiana Stampei, pointing out that a meeting of the National Executive Committee of PSD would be organized at the same location.
During the meeting, Catalin Nechifor was reconfirmed in his position as President of the County organization, thus starting his third subsequent term. On this occasion, Nechifor also launched the slogan of PSD Suceava: “We are going further!”
The press has reported that Liviu Dragnea had shown up wearing a pair of split shoes at the Extraordinary Conference of the Teleorman County Organization on September 27, when he officially launched his candidacy as leader of PSD.

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