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February 4, 2023

Romanian PM visits Amman , tries to resume Romania’s traditional relations with Jordan

Prime Minister Victor Ponta says his official visit to Amman is an attempt at resuming Romania’s traditional relations with Jordan in foreign policy and trade.

“We have tried to resume what used to be a traditional relation between Romania and Jordan, both in foreign policy – where the two foreign ministers met and have some joint initiatives – and in the economic field. Our trade relations are at 250 million euros Jordan imports from Romania and only seven million exports. From what we export to Jordan, 90 percent is agrifood products. We could expand this collaboration; we could also do it on some economic projects the two ministers discussed in cyber-security, where Romania is already recognized as a regional leader and a country with outstanding capabilities,” Ponta asserted on Saturday night.

He mentioned that during his audience to King Abdullah II on Sunday he will repeat the invitation to visit Bucharest and to consider Romania an important partner, “perhaps the best partner for Jordan in the EU.”

PM Ponta wants constructive role for Romania in mediation of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Prime Minister Victor Ponta told his Jordanian counterpart Abdullah Ensour on Saturday that Romania wants the most constructive possible role in the mediation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We have discussed the following: Romania had, especially before 1989, this image of a correct partner in this region, of a country who intermediated many contacts – including unofficial ones – among Israeli leaders and Palestinian leaders and the community of the countries in the region. After ’89, we sort of lost, we gave up using this good image, which still persists. The memories about Romania are we did good things and treated both sides fairly. We have not took sides. Through our foreign minister, through efforts made by former Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean, made by incumbent Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu now, we still try to have the most constructive possible role in finding solutions,” Ponta declared after meeting Ensour.

Asked what Romania’s role could be, the prime minister answered, “Mediating talks and finding diplomatic solutions, that’s what Romania could do.”

“Russia’s intervention might complicate things in Syria”

Prime Minister Victor Ponta told his Jordanian counterpart Abdullah Ensour on Saturday that Russia’s intervention in Syria doesn’t help a lot.

“I have voiced just one point of view, somehow less diplomatic, about Syria; I said based our historical experience with Russia, our neighbour, they are easy to come to a place and hard to leave. So we’re not at all thinking that Russia’s present intervention helps a lot; it might even complicate things. But that’s just a point of view based on our historical experience; perhaps things will be different here,” Ponta said on Saturday after meeting Ensour.

Romania willing to collaborate with Jordan in the refugee crisis

He added that Romania was willing to collaborate with Jordan in the refugee crisis, given the fact that the Hashemite Kingdom already hosts nearly one million Syrian refugees.

“I want us to collaborate in this field, because really they have a lot more experience, and to the extent Romania applies – and it will, let’s be clear about it, not hide things anymore! – the decision of the JHA [Justice and Home Affairs Council of the EU] to get the number of refugees allocated by the JHA Council. For the time being; we’ll see what future brings. (…) The great problem is the conflict there, which as you see has no chance to stop very soon,” the prime minister explained, according to Agerpres.

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