Blaga on 2016 elections: It will be a two sided battle of PNL vs. PSD. Other parties will hardly earn 5 per cent

PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga is very confident that the electoral battle for the local elections of next summer will be carried, except for UDMR in certain communities, between the candidates of PSD and PNL, considering that it will be hard for other political parties to reach the electoral limit of 5 per cent.
Present on Friday in Vaslui, at a meeting with party members in the county branch, PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga declared that political life “is nothing like it was before” after the new National Liberal Party was created, as the electoral battle was fought between two grand political blocks, respectively PSD and PNL.
The Liberal leader thinks that, in this context, for next year’s local elections, the 5 per cent electoral limit will be very hard to reach by other parties, except for PNL and PSD.
“Next year’s campaign and life in politics is nothing like it was before. Now, it is a battle in two. With all due respect, I do not want to treat other political parties differently. At this time, the political party is between a grand left-wing block, PSD, and the grand National Liberal Party.
Certain regions are dominated by Hungarians, they are not a party and obviously, they still enjoy the support of Romanian citizens of Hungarian ethnicity. It will be very hard for other parties to reach the electoral limit of 5 per cent. This is why we are examining with great attention the choice of our candidates, as, where we fail to win, PSD has the highest chances to win and vice versa”, PNL leader Vasile Blaga declared on Friday.
The Liberal leader also stated that he would no longer tolerate tensions at local branches between former Liberals and former Democrat – Liberals, notifying those who are causing conflicts to seek another party.
“I do not understand why we keep discussing about the former PNL and the former PDL. We all are members of PNL and those of us who fail to understand this thing are unwelcome in the party and may seek a different path in politics, as the country is big and there are plenty of options. I have said so many times that bridges are burnt behind us”, Blaga further emphasized.
On her turn, PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu announced party members that the true political adversary was PSD, and not inside of the party, Mediafax reported.
“If at least half of the branches got along the way I get along with Mr. Vasile Blaga, the fusion would we perfect and we could win the local elections tomorrow. Our adversary is not inside, it is PSD”, Alina Gorghiu declared.

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