Liviu Dragnea, from left to right

The issue of the Gordian knot was solved concerning the candidacy for the leadership of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) .
Based on the pattern of mercury, all candidacies submitted for the position of PSD President have collided and melted into only one: Liviu Dragnea’s candidacy.
Perhaps it would be much simpler if this story ended before it began but, just for the sake of media show and for the sake of political performance, PSD has directed one set of artistic, spectacular steps to the one and only denouement that, when it comes to the internal code of Social-Democrats, resided in that of an oligarchic dictatorship maintained for at least 25 years, since this political party exists.
Ion Iliescu, the paterfamilias and the brain of the entire political spectrum after the Revolution of 1989 had declared recently, during one of his well-known and anthological moments of “dogmatic political irritation” that the method of decentralization and de-concentration of voting, from leaders of local and national party organizations to each nominal member of the party is a “Ceausescu-like” method, completely inadequate and damaging for the image and the enforcement of political power inside the Social Democrat pole.
It is an outright irony of fate that the man who had conceived and given birth to the entire political structure the present political system is based on, the man shaped and baked in the red oven of Communism, would feel insulted and would complain of seeing a danger and a complete abnormality in precisely the set of rules and procedures Ceausescu’s political regime was based on, as being the tendency and mentality of PSD leaders.
And the fact that Liviu Dragnea, the sole present candidate of PSD, is legally investigated in a political corruption file, is an adequate completion and emphasis of the internal vision of PSD concerning the “democrat system” of attendance and elections inside of the party and to any other aspect of left-wing politics.
Yet, besides all of these, nothing and nobody can stop Liviu Dragnea from talking, among other things, about a new orientation and a new tendency concerning the future of the Romanian political left-wing, hinting “cursorily” at the political Labour Party system.
Basically, after 25 years of PSD constantly and dramatically losing their political substance and the electoral field that maintained as viable and implacable the presence of this monolith on the market of power, and it all peaked in an internal crisis that definitively crushed the ruins of the left-wing political edifice, creating a massive vacuum that absorbed a completely devitalized Government with a Parliament majority that is totally adrift on political traverses, now is the time to rephrase and redefine the notions of “political leader” and “political left-wing party”.
Actually, Liviu Dragnea seems to be the new image of paterfamilias due to re-launch the left wing on water, under the symbols of another party that, this time, intends to bring a new image of Social Democracy in Romania. That of a “feudatory Labour Party”, that implies territorial political seniors taking official oaths of faith and eternal submission in front of the grand senior and party leader, through “the Liberalization and democratization of decision-reaching force, from the bottom to the top.”
Yet, we must mention that the Labour Party political system, the genuine one, comes in a double party-state political tradition, a fact that automatically requires a powerful opposition, with a well-defined right-wing pole, concentrated in a party that is able to maintain the balance of power in the state and in its entire political structure.

Therefore, as an obvious conclusion, besides the new party Liviu Dragnea intends to create for the political wing of the left pole, he should redirect his attention, first of all and more important than anything, to his political opponents at the right wing of the spectrum.
Because it is essential, vital I might add, that a new strategy would bring in front of the voters, in 2016, a brand new political line, gathered and shared in a balanced manner this time around, regardless of how you examine them or how you vote, for the left or the right wing of the political spectrum.
So, did Liviu Dragnea start his political construction from the left or from the right? And, most of all, who would be the leader of the right-wing, facing the leader of the left-wing in the mirror, by becoming the next new political personality of the opposition?!

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