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May 26, 2022

PM Ponta: The government is prepared to update the daily amount allocated for political refugees

The government is prepared to update the daily amount allocated for political refugees, Prime Minister Victor Ponta stated on Monday.

“In terms of budgetary allocations, I believe it is shameful for Romania and I am convinced that very few know that we still have in force a 2006 provision which allocates for all spending on a political refugee the amount of three lei per day, only for his or her personal expenses – the amount of 60 bani. The government is prepared, the Ministry of Finance, to try and update these amounts, because their level is not only insufficient, but also insulting. It is very hard to believe that somebody can provide for a person with three lei per day,” the PM stated in a plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies.

Ponta also stated that the access of refugees to the healthcare services was also under discussion, in the context of the introduction of the health card.

“In education, schools and faculties in Romania are still requesting school transcripts from refugees whose school or university or City Hall were destroyed during bombing and we ask them in a bureaucratic manner documents just like we do for someone who studied in Bucharest or Timisoara – which obviously leads to the impossibility to [have] access to education,” the PM showed.

Ponta added that, regarding the accommodation conditions, the public authorities showed their availability, in the context of a support from the state budget, to set up decent places and thus offer possibilities of social integration.

“Gov’t fulfilling procedures for non-repayable loan agreement with Moldova”

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Monday said that the Romanian Government has fulfilled all the procedures to grant a non-repayable loan to Moldova and the document will be sent to Parliament for approval in the coming period.

“We have fulfilled all the procedures for the grant of a non-repayable loan to Moldova and the related agreement will be signed these days and sent to you for approval. So you should not listen to the strange people, some of your colleagues, who claim we cannot grant loans,” Ponta said at the end of a prime minister’s question time on refugees hosted by a plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies.

He voiced hope that all the MPs will vote for the loan agreement with Moldova, because Moldova needs assistance.

On Monday, Executive Secretary of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) Radu Carp claimed that Ponta lied when announcing Romania granting a non-repayable 150-million-euro loan to Moldova, as that would be impossible.

“Victor Ponta found out after a meeting on September 22 that such a loan is not possible. He lied to the public opinion on September 30, as he knew perfectly well the loan memorandum was not on the agenda of the Government and it could not be,” Carp said in a press statement.

Carp also argued that the loan memorandum should have been initiated by the National Bank of Romania and the Finance Ministry.

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