Charlie Ottley prepares to shoot part IV of “Wild Carpathia”

The producer of the TV show “Wild Carpathia”, Charlie Ottley, considers that Romania’s beautiful landscapes must be promoted, both for the public outside the country and for Romanians, and invites the audience to contribute a sum of GBP 15,000 out of the total 50,000 required in order to finish the fourth episode of the documentary series.
“We have a Romanian film crew, we have a film crew that uses drones. Tomorrow, we will start shooting if the weather allows it and we intend to finish filming in May. We want to show that Romania is a beautiful country throughout the year and that tourists may come to visit it. We want to pay attention to culture, traditions, wilderness, eco-systems, forests and we want to show that it is a rich country, due to its natural heritage and also due to its cultural heritage and by helping people to protect history, the fauna and the forests, we may grant the safety of future generations who will depend a lot on eco-tourism”, Charlie Ottley declared at the conference occasioned by the fund-raising event for producing the fourth episode in the “Wild Carpathia” documentary series, according to Agerpres.
The conference was also attended by tennis player Horia Tecau, who helped collect approximately EUR 20,000 by organizing demonstrative games at Stejarii Country Club, as well as alpinist Alex Gavan.
“If we only find no more than a few species of plants, and in frequent cases, monoculture, on a square metre of a pasture in England, where Charlie comes from, on a pasture in our home region, Transylvania, we still have about 100 species of plants per square metre. This is one of the reasons why people are so in love with Romania when they visit our country, because, when they come here, it is like a journey to their past”, Alex Gavan declared.
The Romanian alpinist also discussed the first three episodes of the “Wild Carpathia” series, in which Charlie Ottley presented the impressive cultural, historical, natural heritage that existed in Romania.
“Not everything is peachy, though; forests disappear as days go by, habitats of large carnivores are getting smaller and smaller, and we are carelessly witnessing the disappearance, perhaps, of the last authentic wild oasis in Europe, which is in the Carpathians. What this final episode, the fourth in the “Wild Carpathia” targets is not just to show us Romania’s beauty during winter, but first of all to make us aware of the highly instable balance we, the dwellers of this country, have at this time with the nature that surrounds us”, Gavan also added.
He made an appeal to each Romanian, inviting them to contribute to the promoting of this natural beauty our country still has.
“It is not enough that there are unbelievable people, such as Charlie and his team, who have come here to make these beautiful films. (…) We are also supposed to do something to preserve these things. We have to be aware that each of us, in our individual way, have a responsibility to what happens to this country in the future. I strongly believe that each of us, by our small actions, as long as we join forces, can still make a difference for the future of this country”, Alex Gavan pointed out.
The documentary was produced by the non-Governmental organization “Wild Carpathia”, which intends, through its creations, to promote and to protect Romania’s natural patrimony. The documentary will be broadcast by TVR and afterwards, offered to international TV stations as well.

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